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What you should know about Student Loan False Certification Discharge

student loan discharge

All of us want to have a highly qualified diploma or certifications to get a good job or obtain a good position in our workplaces. But unfortunately, sometimes not everything comes into reality as we imagine even if we struggle to get what we want. Most of us face various problems during our study. One of these problems is related to student loan false certification. What does student loan false certification mean and are you eligible for this student loan discharge? Student loan discharge is also known as a cancellation. Student loan false certification discharge program is available for those who were the victim of the identity theft or a school that falsely certifies borrowers as eligible for federal aid. The Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program, Direct Loans, Parent PLUS loan borrowers are also counted for the Loan Discharge.

People who received at least after January 1, 1986, could be discharged.

Who could benefit from Loan Discharge?

What is the “ability to benefit” the exam?


income-based repayment


Some people want to go to school, and they have not got a high school diploma or G.E.D. In this case, the school takes an exam to make sure that you have some abilities and can benefit from the educational program. This exam is called an “ability to benefit.” If you also one of those who took an “ability to benefit” exam, you could get profit from loan discharge under some circumstances. So let’s pay attention to these circumstances. For example, if there were any serious issues which discommode you during the exam or school could not manage the exam properly, or the school gives a chance to the student who could not pass the exam.


Majority of the borrowers are not eligible for federal student aid from 1st July 2012, if they do not have a high school diploma or G.E.D. But there are also some exceptions which give a chance to some people and make them eligible for student loan false certification discharge. The exceptions are for those who have completed his or her secondary school education in a nontraditional setting, like homeschool. If these students are enrolled in eligible career pathway programs, they could get profit from federal student aid.

If you are interested in this student loan discharge, then you have to answer any of these circumstances:

-The school could not manage the “Ability to Benefit” exam properly;

-The U.S. Department of Education did not approve the result of the “Ability to Benefit” exam;

-The school let a student pass the exam even if he or she failed the exam and his or her result did not meet the minimum requirement;

-The school administration helped a student to answer the test or give additional time to complete the test.

If you own disqualifying status, you could take advantage from  loan discharge



This kind of false certification is suitable for those who are not able to meet some legal requirements related to the study field or state of residence. The problem should change based on age, a mental or physical condition, criminal record or other reasons determined by the U.S. Department of Education. Also, these conditions must have existed at the time the loan was paid out. For example, you have some physical problems which make you unable to drive, and you complete your study related to this sphere. It makes you eligible for student loan false certification discharge program. Or you have a felony record, and you graduated from security guard school, and your state does not allow you to work in this field because of a felony record. It also gives a chance to take advantage of loan discharge.

Benefit from unauthorized signature or forgery


Some people could benefit from an unauthorized signature. The unauthorized signature also is known as a forgery. It is another type of student loan false certification discharge, but it is not easy to qualify for this program. To get profit from this false certification, you need to approve that your signature was unauthorized by the school administration. For instance, someone- unaffiliated with the school or any person from the school administration signed a loan document or endorsed the document without your permission. In this case, as a victim of this situation, you could benefit from student loan discharge. To get profit from forgery discharge, you need to submit four samples of your signature on your application.

Also, these samples must have been written a year before the forgery occurred. Moreover, the date of the signatures should be shown as well. For example, you could show your driver’s licenses, tax returns or any other official documents.


Identity theft makes you eligible for student loan false certification discharge

If you suspect or sure about identity theft, there is a benefit to look for false certification discharge. It is one of the loan discharge options which make you possible to get rid of student loans. To get benefit from this forgiveness program, you have got two choices. Either you have to submit an official police report, or the theft who committed this offense has to accept the crime. If you have any evidence about identity theft, you had better share these documents with your loan holder or the U.S. Department of Education. All of these options help you qualify for student loan false certification discharge. In addition, keep in mind, this type of student loan false certification discharge is available for loans that were received on or after July 1, 2006. So if you one of those victims, take action and get profit from one of these loan discharge.


When can I apply for the student loan discharge?

The best side of the false certification discharge is that there is not a deadline for applications. We recommend contacting your loan servicer to make sure that everything is okay. To avoid additional problems make sure that there is not any issue related to your documents.



What are the benefits of student loan discharge?


If you are eligible for false certification discharge, it gives you a chance to get rid of student loan. Besides, if you paid some amount of student loans, you could receive reimbursement from funds. Also, in case you went into default, your lender has to help you and handle the damage due to credit score.

If the Department of Education found you unable for these false certification discharge, you could require review from them. In case, you do not agree with the statement; you can appeal to federal court within 30 days.

So if you qualify, student loan discharge gives you 100% forgiveness and help you get any payments you pay for your study.


Besides, we mentioned above that some federal student loans are able to take advantage of student loan discharge. These loans are Parent PLUS loans, consolidation loans, Grad PLUS loans, Stafford loans which were found eligible by U.S. Department of Education. In case, you have any of these loans or consolidation loan, and any of them could be canceled, you can apply for false certification discharge. Of course, only for any of these loans. If you qualify, you will receive a credit for the amount of these student loans related to the false certification. If you have any problem or any questions, let us know. Our professional experts will help you solve any issue related to student loans and assist you in any case. Contact us today and get professional help.