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Heald College fraud & Student Loan Forgiveness options


Recently, some colleges including Heald College was found guilty for its illegal behaviors. The investigation of the US Department of Education found Heald College culpable as the college misrepresented most of its activities. The investigation showed that the college involved various illegal actions, like presenting high quality higher education programs, show fake job placement rates. The main reason to do all of these unlawful actions was to attract more students and get benefit from student loans from low-income students. After the US Department of Education investigations, as a result of considerable number of lawsuits former students can get Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness. As a result, all of these litigations Heald College should answer for its action with penalties and fines. After the scrutiny of the Federal Investigation, the Heald College was closed. This article will be a guide for the students of this college who is eligible to get Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness.

What kind of illicit marketing activities Heald College involved?

After the College got lots of fines and penalties, Heald College decided to put an end of its business. On April 27th, 2015 was closed. Of course, it makes most of the students worried about their education, but there is a piece of good news as well. So now the students of the former Heald College could benefit from the Closed School Student Loan Discharge Program.

As we mentioned above the US Department of Education made inquiries about the illicit marketing policy and found some illegitimate. What were these illegal behaviors? Let’s pay attention to these activities.

First of all, Heald College misrepresented information about job-placement rates. Heald College promised its students their program offer 100% job-placement rate. Of course, it was false information about their degree programs, and the essential aim was to attract as many students as possible.


Heald College misstate information about its quality


Additionally, Heald College misstate information about its quality. They claimed that their particular program would help the students prepare for the licensure exam. In addition, Heald College made a promise that the students who would take the specific program 100% they would pass the exam and get the higher result they want to achieve.

One of the most illicit marketing activities were related to students. So the Heald College encouraged unqualified students to attend the college study. Of course, the college knew that these students would not complete their study or could not pass the licensure exam. Besides, the majority of them are low-income students, and they have struggled to pay back their student loans. We agree that it is an entirely bad situation for those who try to complete an education degree. Otherwise, if you faced the same problem do not worry about your student loan debts. This situation gives you a chance to benefit from the Borrower’s Defense Program. So with the help of this program, your student loans could be discharged.

Who could benefit from Heald College Student loan  Forgiveness Programs via the Borrower’s Defense Program & Closed School Student Loan Discharge Program

In fact, the former students of the college could get advantage from Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. There are two types of Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. Both of these Forgiveness Programs help you to get rid of pay back your student loan debts.

The  Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment Program is suitable for the students who are experienced problems related to the education study program. For instance, false marketing activities, like false advertising, illicit documentation, deception or deceitful claims some of them. On the other word, this Student Loan Forgiveness Program gives your chance to avoid additional expenditure and payments. In fact, the illegal activity of the Heald College manipulated most of the people to be part of the particular program as they promised unreal value as a result.  So as a former Heald College student, you can claim that the college was defrauding its students by offering a fantastic program and results.

The  Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program is a good chance for former students of the Heald College

Because once your student loans are forgiven, you could also be refunded the money you have paid during your study at Heald College. So stop worrying about student loan debts and think about how to benefit from Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. To get profit from these programs you need to be aware of the application process. If you need any help, in this case, our professional education experts will assist you in every stage of the process.

There are lots of students out there, who share the same problem related to this College and everyone want to get rid of a student loan with the help of Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. That’s why you should get into details about your expectations and the impacts of the Heald College attitude to your study.

What about The Closed School Loan Discharge Program

student-loan-forgivenessThere is also another Heald Student Loan Forgiveness Program could be beneficial for you. The Closed School Loan Discharge Program is one of the best options to avoid student loans. This student Loan Forgiveness Program is for those who could not graduate from current education center before the college or university is closed. But pay attention to the details which this forgiveness program requires. As there are some limitation and restriction rules that you should know if you want to apply for this program.

Who is eligible for the Closed School Loan Discharge Program?

If you interested in this loan discharge program you should pay attention to some important details.

Firstly, you should be a student at Heald College before it was closed. Besides, a student eligible when he or she left the college no more than 120 days before it closed. Additionally, you should meet the following conditions. For example, you could not have completed all credits before Heald College shut down or the whole credits cannot have transferred to another school that you are currently studying. If you answer these requirements, it is time to benefit from Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

Which of these Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs is the best one?

So it is a quite hard question to answer. It depends on your qualifications and also what you prefer to get. You can get a quick response from the Closed School Loan Discharge Program than The  Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment Program. Of course, as we said before your qualifications play an essential role in this case.

Am I responsible tax for the forgiven student loan debts?

According to the IRS, you owe taxes on forgiven debts. So it means that it does not matter which kind of these student loan forgiveness programs you benefit you should pay your taxes. As the forgiven loan amounts are assumed as taxable income. This income added to the annual tax. So keep this information in your mind do not to get confused. If you have any queries related to student loans or Heald College Student Loan Forgiveness Program, we will be happy to handle this process.