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Westwood Colleges Scams, Fraud and Lawsuit complaints

As student loan forgiveness became the center of attention, it was clear for everybody that many schools defrauded the students in the USA. There are plenty of colleges on the list of scammers. For instance, Westwood College scams and lawsuit complaints are on the spot right now. The majority of the students plan to go to …

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Navient Lawsuit: What should borrowers know

To be a student is a great pleasure, but we cannot say the same thing about student loan repayment. Sometimes, it feels like the repayment will continue for a long time and never come to an end. It becomes hard if you have an additional problem with student loan customer service and your student loan …

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What happens when your student loans go into default?

“The weather is just like student loans” and kind of tweets which define “bad” in different words are now popular among the new generation. The reason is simple: the student loan debt is the second highest in the debt category list after the home mortgage debts. Statistics for 2018 reveal that there are approximately 44 …

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