In some situations, your student loans can be forgiven, canceled or discharged. Student loan forgiveness, cancellation or discharge look like each other, but all of them have their features. If you are unable to pay your student loan because of your job, this is cancellation or forgiveness. If you cannot make your student loan payment because of your health problems or the enclosure of the university where you received loans, this is commonly entitled discharge. On 13th December of 2018, the Ministry of Education declared that they would launch Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge program. Phoenix University has been accused of making all kinds of fraudulent activities breaking State and Federal Laws. There is good news about student loan forgiveness programs in 2019 for the students of the University of Phoenix. Thanks to Borrower’s Defense to Repayment it is not only possible but also easy to qualify for the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness program.


Short information about Phoenix University


The University of Phoenix was established in 1976. A couple of years later, the university spread to other cities like San Jose, California and ultimately the university started its online program in 1989 “US Today” added the Phoenix University to the list of universities called “red flag” institutions in 2013. The universities were commonly added to this list because of fake operations. The Phoenix University informed the public that its graduation rate was 26 percent but indeed it was 17 percent. The University of Phoenix owns 91 campuses and over 440,000 enrolled students.

The University of Phoenix is the second largest university all over the country, but its graduation rate is awful. In the last ten years, millions of Americans trapped by the University of Phoenix’s great advertising campaigns and enrolled in university’s higher education classes. As a result, students buried themselves in the University of Phoenix student loan debt. One of the former employees’ of the University of Phoenix revealed all kinds of illegal activities of the university.

How to get lawful right for the University of Phoenix Student Loan forgiveness program

Most probably, the University of Phoenix student loans will be covered in the scope of this program. US Ministry of education promised to alert all borrowers about loan cancellations on 14 December in 2018. The University of Phoenix infringed State and Federal laws to take out money from not just individual Americans, but also the Federal Government. Under the Borrower’s Defense law if university committed fraud, failed to realize promises, or misrepresented their services or violated other state laws concerned with your student loans, you have legal right to discharge student loans.

In the situation of the University of Phoenix, it is undeniable that you will do.

The University of Phoenix persuaded students to take out loans by giving false information about graduation rates and job opportunities. Fundamentally you will accuse the University of providing false advertisement. By this way, you are saying that you wouldn’t have participated at the university and never would have borrowed the student loans. The good news is that if your appeal is confirmed, your all loan will be forgiven. If the applications are approved, the massive number of students will be benefited from the University of Phoenix student loans forgiveness or the University of Phoenix loan discharge program.


What was the fault of the University of Phoenix?

In the case, we revealed that the University of Phoenix had submitted false information about its student support statistics to the Federal Government. With this wrong information, the school was able to get additional fund, but in fact, that was impossible to get extra money. When you complete your application, we advise you to concentrate on the false advertisement. High graduation rate and job finding opportunities encouraged students to receive the student loan. The other details below will be helpful for everybody to get all the information about the dirty activities of The University of Phoenix. Through this knowledge, you will understand why you can get back your student loans in the first attempt.

The University of Phoenix infringed the Federal False Claims

The University of Phoenix infringed the Federal False Claims Act by lying about complying with the U.S. Higher Education Act’s 90/10 Rule. The University of Phoenix did all kinds of illegal activities. They forced their employees to sign up for the University of Phoenix classes. The University of Phoenix violated the 90/10 rule by pushing employees to say the Federal Government that they were paying full tuition rates. These acts allowed them to get tens of thousands of dollars in Federal financial aid. But most times employees weren’t using the fund for classes. The University of Phoenix management said to employees that this was their contribution to University.

Reportedly the University of Phoenix trained recording advisors, consultants, and potential students to falsify student loan applications. When the workers returned their computers. all kind of proofs of violations had been removed from their hard discs. Because of this kind of clear illegal reasons, all students of the University of Phoenix can claim Borrower’s Defense Discharge. It is calculated that as a result of unlawful activities of the University of Phoenix damaged billions of dollars to the US government. No need to feel sorry for the University of Phoenix or the Apollo Education Group and they deserve to be punished.


Where Do I file My Borrower’s Defense Application?


It is pretty simple because there’s just one formal way to file your Borrower’s Defense appeal for student loan forgiveness.
Do not submit a Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Application on any other site. Because your information could be gathered by anyone else online or by phone. In that situation, you could be tricked in a common Student Loan Forgiveness Scam. In this issue, the federal government has taken specific steps on the University of Phoenix Student loan Forgiveness program. But there are still thousands of people trying to make money from hopeless student loan borrowers. So you have to be immensely cautious about receiving help with your student loans and with the Borrower’s Defense application.

When Will I Find Out If My Application is Confirmed?

It is unknown how long it will take if your application is approved. According to the comments of students, it takes over one year, and still, they wait for an answer. Recently tones of articles have been published about student loan forgiveness program. The Secretary of Education of USA Betsy DeVos tried to close the entire program down. Now all of us must know that the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness program is a controversial and one day could be closed. Nobody knows about President Trump’s plan for student loan forgiveness and discharge program, and it will be undercover until it reveals. We have to be ready to lose Borrower’s Defense process at any time.

Will I Owe Taxes On My Forgiven Student Loan?

Yes, and it’s unlucky because it’s the one huge pitfall to the Borrower’s Defense process. If you win the case for Borrower’s Defense discharge and get University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness, at next stage you will count the amount forgiven as income on your subsequent IRS filing (IRS- Internal Revenue Service). Student loans can be a significant investment in your future or can be a huge burden if not thoroughly thought out or abused. If you think about taking out a student loan, be careful about the university you want to attend. Before signing up in a university, it is vitally important to do in-depth research.