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University of Phoenix is the latest college under investigation

university of phoenix investigation

Several for-profit colleges are under the control of the authority. The University of Phoenix investigation is one of them. Although it is still operating, the government began to make inquiries about illegal activities that are possibly done by the university. Because of the doubt, the school with its parent company of Apollo college of education is followed by the control of the Federal Trade Commission. False marketing tools are the main reason for the University of Phoenix investigation, and due to this, the school is in this emergent situation.

What are the Reasons for Investigation?

university of phoenix investigation

Regarding some issues, the University of Phoenix is facing claims. The potential problems are the following:

In general, areas such as marketing, job recruitment, university tuition issues since 2011 should be documented by the school investigation.  The investigation emerged because of the claims like a misrepresentation of education services and in compliance with state laws.

How to Get a Discharge for Borrower Defense

Borrower Defense Law allows students to discharge and get benefit from their student loan forgiveness. But it is essential to be part of the people who suffered from the investigation. To get a discharge for debt forgiveness, you should be trustworthy to show that you haven’t attended the college if you had known that the college or its parent company distorted the rate of job placements and other educational services.

Borrower Defense Application

university of phoenix investigation

The Borrower Defense Application is available online; you should submit it by filling out.

Firstly, sign it electronically and don’t forget to include additional documents of your to the application form. Be prepared before the application process to get student loan forgiveness easily. Borrower Defense application can take a longer process, that is why it is important to scan all the PDF documents relating to the University of Phoenix.

Secondly, include all your information to the fillable application form. After filling the form, send it to the US Department of Education by the email of

You should upload additional documents as well which can increase your chance of getting student loan forgiveness from the University of Phoenix investigation.

The additional documents can be:

  1. The course catalog of your school
  2. Emails with the academic staff of a school
  3. Advertising materials from the school

There is only one official site to send the Borrower Defense application form which is U.S government website. The Department of Education is careful with the documents because there can be scammers who want to trick the loan service. They desire to take advantage of the University of Phoenix investigation by receiving student loan forgiveness. Consequently, you should be extraordinarily careful with your Borrower Defense application form.

How to Support Your Borrower’s Defense Claim

university of phoenix investigation

While supporting a borrower defense claim,  you should persuade yourself that you would never get borrowed money if the situation was different.  Another crucial factor in presenting is the purpose. Show exact figures to state that there is something wrong done to you relating to the University of Phoenix investigation. If you don’t show everything precisely, you will not get an opportunity to be discharged.  

Qualify for Borrower Defense Loan Forgiveness

There are several eligibility requirements for discharging of the student loans that are the result of the University of Phoenix investigation. If you participated at school which violated some laws and did misconduct then because of this, you are eligible to apply to the Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge Program. Don’t forget that demonstrated fraudulent activities by the school, need to relate to the educational services and your federal student loan.  Besides, if your school is closed, you qualify for student loan discharge. In case of proving yourself for borrower defense application, if you are successful, then all your debts will be forgiven.

Students who have been accepted for the Borrower Defense Loan Forgiveness Program, their paid money will return as a refund. Only when the school does illegal activities, you may be approved for debt forgiven.  If the documents and claims are not related to the Department of Education, it is probable that you will be rejected for the student loan forgiveness. Borrower Defense application demands some factors that should not include personal requests. For information, you can get rid of only from federal student loans. Student loan forgiveness is limited only these loans.

How to Know if the Application is approved?

There is no exact waiting period for the application form after submitting it. It depends on every individuals’ application form. The form will be checked after submitting. While submitting your application, if there is something wrong about it you still will be eligible for students debt forgiven.  After the ED reviews the documents, they will send you a notice informing the result. 

Can I Check My Application Form?  

university of phoenix investigation

That is a common question that is interesting for every student who wants to get a student loan forgiveness.  Unfortunately, because of the lack of email, number and website there is no information about checking of the application form.  If you make any mistake on the application form, it can affect you even to the denying of the application form.

When Stop Paying Loans?

Payment of current loans is an important part that almost every student under this situation want to know. Make sure that you have been accepted for the student loan forgiveness program to stop paying the debts. In another case, if you are still waiting for your application to get responded, don’t end paying your loans. Some students feel that they will undoubtedly be accepted and they start not to pay their loans right after submitting their application. If you do it then maybe you will be removed among students to get discharge your loans. Therefore, your application will not be approved. Also, if you agree to put the debt in forbearance, you will not be required to make payment. However, the interest payments will continue accumulating.

Tax on Forgiven Debt

Unfortunately, there is one drawback of student loan forgiveness by Borrower Defense Program. It is a tax that needs to be paid by each student when their loans are forgiven. The fee will be counted according to the money forgiven for your loans. That is why you will pay tax when your loans are discharged. The amount of tax depends on how much loans are forgiven for you, so sometimes it may turn into unaffordable amounts as a tax.

The Department of Education is attentive to the documents, and it requires all of them to be clear. That’s why you need to put more effort into the claim for the University of  Phoenix investigation. Borrower defense claim is essential that needs to be supported strongly to obtain student loan forgiveness from the Department of Education. Due to the strict processes of University of Phoenix investigation, individuals should go lonely to the Department of Education for student loan help.