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Guide on Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness

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In 2018, 13 December, the US Department of Education declared that they are allocating $150 million through Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge program. About half of this money is intended for the students of Corinthian Colleges which includes Wyotech, Heald, and Everest. If you are a former student of Everest College, then, there is good news for you. Still, in 2019, you have an excellent chance to be qualified for Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness program. Through the benefits of Everest College Student loan forgiveness program, you can get your student loans partially or fully forgiven or discharge.

Additionally, through the program, you can take advantage of a possible refund for any payments you have already made for your student debt. Otherwise, you can apply to Borrower Defense to Repayment program which gives a chance to the students who have been defrauded by their school, to benefit from Closed School Loan Discharge program such as loan discharge.


What happened at Everest College?


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Everest College is a for-profit school which is owned and operated by predate company – Corinthian Colleges Inc. During the years of 2015 and 2016, Corinthian Colleges Inc. was pressured by federal enforcement actions such as penalties for false statements about employment rates of graduates and misleading students to take a massive amount of student loans. Because of these enforcement actions consequently caused financial trouble and a considerable decrease in new signups, the Corinthian announced released they were closing all of their school including Everest college, in 2015, 27 April.

Thanks to the lawsuits filed by students of Everest College, the Washington Attorney General made a decision that Everest College is eligible for federal student loan cancellation. Which also means that any payment made on the loans may be refunded. As we already mentioned above, according to the US Department of Education, for-profit colleges which have been shut down in recent years, student loans will be automatically discharged. It generally means that any student who has attended the Everest College between the dates 01.11.2013 – 04.12.2018, could benefit student loan forgiveness.

It could be said that the legal procedures eventually ended up with a happy ending for students of Everest College. Thus, the US Department of Education has designed a plan for the Everest College Student Forgiveness Program. And the great side of this decision is that this plan covers not only the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness but also Private Student Loan Forgiveness as well.


How to qualify?


Student Loan Discharge


Generally, as a former student of Everest College, you have two alternatives to qualify for Everest Colleges Loan Forgiveness program.

Closed School Loan Relief Program

If you have attended any of the Corinthian schools which shut down in 2015, 27 April, (in this case the Everest College is one of them), you qualify for Closed School Loan Relief Program (sometimes called Closed School Discharge). This program allows you to wipe out your student debts including Federal Direct Loans, Federal Perkins loans, and Federal Family Education Loans. To qualify for this program, you have to meet the specific requirements: you must have incomplete courses for graduation or you should be enrolling at the college till the date of closure.

Defrauded Student Relief ( the Borrowers Defense Against Repayment program)

The second option to take advantage of Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness is via Defrauded Student Relief program. It is generally called Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program which is created and funded by the Federal Government. This program is intended for protecting borrowers who have been persuaded to enroll the schools closed down such as Everest College.

How to benefit from Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program to get rid of student loan debts?

If you have taken out a student loan to enroll a college which committed fraudulent behaviors against you, then you have an excellent chance to qualify for Borrowers Defense Against Repayment program. Let us explain how. All you are going to need is to prove documentally that Everest College committed fraud or lied to you, mislead or attract you to attend their graduate programs via taking massive student loan (by the way, the best tool you can use as a file source is the Corinthian Lawsuit). Of course, it is entirely natural; you may doubt about this case because it sounds catchy a little bit. But, you can be sure that Everest College Student Forgiveness is a huge deal.

There are statistically, a large number of other former students who have already benefited from Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness program to wipe out their loan. There is one more thing you must take into consideration. You should link the inside details of Everest lawsuit and their unlawful commercial activities such as misleading advertisements or fraudulent statements, to your protest to prove that you deserve the discharge or forgiveness ( even potential refund if it is possible). As a final note, it worth to notify that application process to Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program could take a long time, because there are so many applications submitted to the US Department of  Education. However, by considering the positive results in case you get lucky, it worth to take your time and start to application procedures.


How to write a successful application?


Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness


As it was mentioned earlier in this post, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. which is the parent company of Everest, has been in charge of making false and misleading statements. For example, lying about their job replacement rates and inflated salary of their graduates, or using fraudulent ads for pressuring vulnerable low-income students to take out loans in the purpose of enrolling the school. We can generalize the overall activities of Everest College in the following way:

  • Misrepresenting employment rates of their graduate students
  • Making misleading news about the quality of the program by claiming easy to find a job in the field after graduation
  • Using ads which implying exaggerated income or salary rates of graduates to attract student to attend the Everest College.

These are critical elements of the accusation process of Everest College, and you can use them to support your claim statements. Just keep in mind that, application for Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness is a strict legal process, and you need to prove your experience about Everest College with accurate and factual documentation. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.


Why should be much more attentive while applying Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness?


Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness


The easiest way to file your (Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment) BDAR application is using the official website of US Government. Technically, open the site, go through BDAR wizard, by clicking on view form. You can read the entire application form. It is essential to be aware that there are a lot of Student Loan Forgiveness scams, and of course, no one would like to fall into this trap. That is why it would be better to file you Borrower’s Defence Against Repayment application through the official link of the website. It is possible that you may have attractive offers (mail, phone calls, etc.) to help with the application process for Everest College Student Loan Forgiveness, but please take into consideration that these programs are excellent opportunities for scammers to make some easy money.