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How to discharge your student debt if you attended Westwood College


You have attended Westwood College with the best desires and expectation about improve your life. You intend to live your dream life with your loved ones after graduation by finding a job with a high salary.  A couple of years passed and you realized that your hopeful dreams of the future life are replacing with a sad reality. Having a massive amount of student loan, unfortunately, loan collectors start calling. You are unable to continue payments and so on. A very tragic story right? Don’t worry. Hope is the last thing to dye. Here we are with some good news. There some options to get can have your student loans forgiven with Westwood College Discharge Programs. Thanks to the numerous lawsuit which were filed against Westwood, in 2019, still discharge programs are available for the former student of Westwood College. Through the Westwood College Discharge Programs, you can fully or partially wipe out your student loan or even receive a possible refund for the money you have already paid.

Westwood college lawsuit

Westwood College is a for-profit organization which mainly offer online options for higher learning. It has fifteen campuses in five states, and the institution is owned by Alta Colleges Inc. In 2009, Westwood College scams caused a class action lawsuit by claiming misrepresentation of the statistics about graduation. Another legal claim was in 2011, so the Veterans Administration closed three campuses of Westwood College. Finally, on 29 March 2016, because of the massive lawsuits, Westwood College officially closed its doors in all campus.


How to qualify for Westwood College Discharge Programs




In 2018, the US Education Department declared that they are allocating $15 million in Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharges which also included loan forgiveness for students who attended Westwood College.

If you have attended the Westwood College, then you have a great chance to receive the benefits of Westwood College Discharge Programs via two alternatives. First, you can apply for Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program. The second alternative is the Closed School Student Loan Discharge Program which allows you to eliminate your student loan debts completely. It worth to notify that you will need to make sure which one of these programs is the most convenient for your current situation. Because you can only apply one of them, unfortunately, let us have a little profound look at both of these forgiveness programs in detail.

How to discharge Westwood loans through Closed Loan Discharge Program?

Closed Loan Discharge Program is intended to assist students who could not have finished their degree programs due to the closure of the school. That is why if you have actively been attending Westwood College till the time (at least 120 days before shutdown) it was closed, you can have potentially qualified for Closed Loan Discharge Program. Via applying for this program, you can receive the benefit of Westwood College Discharge. By the way, one more thing to keep in mind, make sure that you are not attending any other similar educational program at another school, after transferred your Westwood credits here. Also, you should have incomplete coursework for your Westwood program, and you have not received any diploma till the time the college was closed down.


How to get Westwood College Discharge through Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program?




The Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge is intended to help students who have taken out a student loan to enroll a school which committed some sorts of illegal activities. And undoubtedly, Westwood College is one of such institutions, because it is accused of misrepresenting its services. According to the lawsuits, one of the main unlawful behaviors which the Westwood College have committed is using deceptive commercial practices to persuade the student to enroll in the courses. By taking into considerations of these illegal activities the Westwood is accused of, there is no even doubt that you can get your Borrower’s Defense to Repayment application approved, as long as you fill out paperwork properly. As a motivation for you, we could say that currently, many students have already benefited the Westwood College Discharge Program by applying Borrower’s Defense to Repayment.

How to file the Borrower’s Defense Claim application?

While writing Borrower’s Defense Claim application forum, you are required to make it clear that you are alleging Westwood College for committing some sort of illegal activities which directly lead you to enroll their school. The worker of the Education Department who will read your application needs to clearly see that if you had not undergone fraudulent activity, you would not even have taken out the student loan to attend the school. You are going to need to obviously prove that you only have borrowed money to enroll Westwood College because the lying and tricky promises offered by the school convinced you to do it.

The good news about Westwood you should keep in mind that it is documentary easy to prove unlawful actions of Westwood. According to the settlement with Colorado Attorney General, Westwood admitted that they had violated the Consumer Protection Act by making false statements and misleading advertising practices. If you use these criminal accusation elements to support your claim against Westwood properly, you can ensure that your Borrower’s Defense Claim application most likely will be approved.


What did Westwood actually do?




According to the Settlement with Colorado State, Westwood College was alleged of committing all sorts of unlawful activities generally “ to be dishonest about statistic records and the costs of their degree programs.” But what is the big deal in this context, Westwood used fake advertisements, false claims, misleading statements about their job replacement rate,  or overstated salary of their graduates. We have listed general illegal activities of Westwood College which you can use them as a fact while filing Borrower’s Defense to Repayment which could really help you to win Westwood College Discharge Program.

Here is the list of unlawful actions Westwood has been accused of:

  • Misrepresenting of the number of students who really find a job in their field after graduation
  • Inaccurate disclosure of the job titles which graduates of the college reported to them after starting employment
  • Inaccurate disclosure the entire cost of their degree programs.
  • Reporting overstated the average income of their graduates
  • Inaccurate estimation of the percentage of tuition costs which a military service member’s education benefit would meet ( lying to Veterans by stating that their GI Bill program would cover the entire costs of their degree programs which is not true in reality)

If you think that you have experienced any of these unlawful activities which convinced you to take student loans to attend Westwood, then you can use this fact as the explanation for your loan should be forgiven.

Final Notification

By taking all the possible risks into consideration, it worth to notify that, it would be better to rely on only official sources while applying for Westwood College Discharge Programs. Especially when you file a Borrower’s Defense to Repayment application, please make sure that you use the official website of US government, because student loan forgiveness and discharge programs are an excellent opportunity to avoid student loan scams to make money easily. And of course, you would not fall into one of these traps. Even though we are not the official representative of any government agency, it would be a pleasure for us assisting you to have your student loans forgiven via Westwood College Discharge Programs.