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How to Apply for an American InterContinental University Lawsuit

american intercontinental university lawsuit

    Every student faces issues when it comes to universities. Some of the students could not keep up with the classes exams. Other students are suffering from financial instability. Those students take loans from different agencies, both private and public. With that loan, students try to maintain their student status and pay it back in a later time. What if you got the loan, but the university that you chose to go is a fraudulent organization as it happened in the American Intercontinental University Lawsuit. Do you still supposed to pay that student loan or is there any solution? These questions will be discussed in the following paragraphs. The main topic is the college lawsuit. We will elaborate on 6the issues like loan forgiveness, lawsuit settlement, and most importantly, the process of application for those programs. Let’s start with the background of the case regarding American Intercontinental University loan forgiveness.

American Intercontinental University Lawsuit

     In recent years Career Education Corporation began to search for fraudulent organizations. The organizations which desperately trying to enroll students while giving them falsified information about their perspective. One of those cases was the American Intercontinental University lawsuit. After the investigation, American Intercontinental University found guilty. Career Education Corporation told students to apply for student loan forgiveness programs. AIU admitted that they used artificial materials and information to get more students to enroll in their university.

    Falsified claims regarding student success, educational excellence, and great job opportunities after graduation are just some of the mentioned information that AIU provided. In the investigation protocols, it stated that American Intercontinental University lied to its students. They lied about accreditation; they took advantage of weak students and got them enrolled just because of the loan money. Students robbed because of this rigged system. They signed contracts with high-interest rates and could not manage to pay them back. Fortunately, there are programs for loan forgiveness and debt consolidation, which are aiming to help those students who suffered from this type of scam organizations like AUI. 

What is a loan forgiveness program?

american intercontinental university lawsuit   Loan forgiveness program is the program that helps the student to get rid of the student loan that they are unable to pay. If the university lied to you, or get close after your enrolment and you got the loan then you can apply for this type of programs. Student loan consolidation, student loan discharge, student debt consolidation, and student loan forgiveness are different bodies of this program. Many students are facing the same issues but do not know how to apply for these programs. Fortunately, in the following paragraphs, we will discuss the conditions in which you are eligible for applying. American Intercontinental University lawsuit is an excellent example of scam organizations. Illegal manners by universities should be detected, and they should be responsible for their unlawful actions. 

When are you eligible to apply? 

      There are clear statements which show the eligibility of student while applying for the loan forgiveness program. For instance, if you enrolled in a university a take a loan but could not finish your studies. The reason for not completing your academic life can be personal and interpersonal. In those kinds of situations, you must pay your student loans. If you studied in one field but after getting your degree, could not find a job in related fields. This issue is frequently rising in the application process. In this case, you are indeed not eligible for income-based loan repayment.Some students argue that they should not take responsibility for those student loans.

     Those students say that they were immature and under eighteen years old at that time. However, this does not change the fact that those students signed promissory contracts regarding loans. So, they are also ineligible for applying. In the intercontinental university lawsuit, many students claimed this type of statements. 

Forgiveness program for American Intercontinental University Lawsuit

      As we go through the scenarios in which you are not eligible for, let’s look at this question and answer. In which case, you are available for applying to the loan forgiveness program? Whether it is student loan forgiveness, student loan cancellation, or student loan discharge, there are specific criteria that students should meet. There are loan programs such as Public service, teacher, Perkins debt forgiveness, etc. These are not related to American intercontinental university lawsuit that is why we will talk about them in-depth. The cases like death discharge, closed school discharge, bankruptcy discharge, false certification, and unpaid refund discharge are the main criteria which make a student eligible for application. After getting familiar with these criteria, let’s talk about the application process. 

Application process

american intercontinental university lawsuit     After deciding to apply for the loan forgiveness program, a student needs to follow some steps. If a student has federal student loan debts, then it is better to ask for BDAR loan forgiveness program. The students who have liability from American intercontinental university lawsuit they should apply for this program. You can use through web sites and with writing letters to the American Department of education. While writing that report, the student should be careful. American intercontinental university loan forgiveness program will fully help to the students who have evidence regarding their problem.

     You need to have evidence and should show them to the Department of education. Otherwise, it will be hard for a student to get rid of student loan debt. Evidence indicates that fraudulent acts made you enroll in that university and take a loan. If a university is found guilty and accepts it, then all you need to do is write an application. After writing and sending the American InterContinental loan forgiveness program application, you should wai5t for results. The committee will analyze all the applicant students and will make their decision. This decision can be made in 2 months, but it can also be made in more than one year. Unfortunately, the time table for this process is not available.

What happens when student application is approved?

    If the student is qualifying for getting student loan forgiveness, then they are no longer are responsible for repaying the loan. There are some distinctions in this case. For instance, in intercontinental university lawsuit, some students were qualified for only the portion that they took. If you are eligible for student loan forgiveness program, you can also get a refund in some cases. After all of these procedures if a student found suitable and does not have any defaulted loans, then they can apply for another federal investment in the future. It will be hard for a student to get aid if he or she does not meet the criteria.


conclusion    In this article, we discussed several issues regarding American intercontinental university lawsuit. In general, we highlighted the main components and answered the significant questions regarding loan forgiveness programs. If you are a student and has some financial problems, do not hesitate to contact the American education department. Every person makes mistakes, so; there is nothing wrong with those kids who believed in fraudulent companies. The main issue is that those companies and universities should get caught and pays their debts. Be aware of this type of scams and do not ever take a loan with a high-interest rate. It is better to contact and get information from professionals before enrolling in a university and taking a loan. Thank you for reading this post.