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Do You Qualify For A Closed School Loan Discharge?


It is impossible not to ignore the real benefits of studying in the USA! The most noticeable are the ratings of American universities. US universities hold leading positions in ALL world rankings! The second and for many, the most important is the vast employment opportunities in the US (and outside the country) with graduates of American universities (after receiving bachelor’s and magistracy). The third (directly related to the second point) is the direct and close ties of most universities and colleges in the USA with employers: this opens up opportunities for free and paid internships during study and employment after it is completed! Usually, prestigious private universities, where hundred thousands of students study, are not closed due to minor technical problems. If your university shut its doors under some circumstances, it makes you eligible to Closed School Loan Discharge. But what is Closed School Loan Discharge?


What is a Discharge for Closed School Loan?


Closed School Loan Discharge-5Some colleges have closed their doors forever. It can be an unpleasant condition when your school is closed, and you are seeking for the way what to do next. Here is a big issue: “What will happen if my school is shut down? I know you’re scared now. In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions related to this topic. All you should do is to read this article carefully and follow the guidelines!

We have an excellent new to individuals who are struggling with this issue. Now you have an option to discharge your federal loans fully. Of course, you should meet all the requirements. Direct loan, FFEL Loan or Perkins Loan borrowers for qualifying discharge they should meet below-stated criteria:

  • If the student enrolled in the education center when it was closed
  • If the student was on vacation, which was approved by your school at the time of closing the school
  • The student left school and school closed for 120 days from this period

Meeting one of these above-stated criteria gives you an excellent opportunity like to be eligible for the Closed School Loan Discharge.

But the student is denied the right to repay student loans if the school he/she attended closed:

  • The student left the school for a period exceeding 120 days, except in some cases
  • The student is registered and participated in another educational program.
  • All term papers on the student’s program are completed – this is still true, even if the student has not received a diploma or certificate.

It is necessary to state that it applies only to federal student loans. Unfortunately, private student loan borrowers whose school is closed, they should keep in touch with a lender to get information about their rules and requirements.


Which schools have shut down their doors?


Closed School Loan Discharge-

We will list here just a small part of these school with the full list you can get from the Department’s website.


Corinthian Corporation


Corinthian Corporation consists of large commercial education centers. Unfortunately, as a result of several processes, the corporation had to stop the functioning of schools like Heald College, Everest, and WyoTech Institute and then in 2015 declared bankruptcy.

The Minister of Education gives deadline which for identified as 120 days for granting the right to discharge from a closed school.  Now students have an opportunity to gain Closed School Loan Discharge and students can find comprehensive information on debts for students from Corinth.


EDMC Schools


Like Corinthian, Corporation EDMC is a school company which consists of many schools as Art Institutes. South University and Argosy University. After selling its companies to other company, EDMC announced bankruptcy.


Educational Corporation of America


In December 2018,  Educational Corporation of America notified on shutting down its doors. It has many campuses including the College of Virginia and the College of Brightwood.


ITT Schools


On September 6, 2016, after the shutting doors of ITT schools, the universities like ITT Technical Institute and Daniel Webster College which the corporation was their parent company polished off its operation. Since then, the company has declared bankruptcy.


Eligibility for Closed School Loan Discharge


You have the right to discharge provided that you couldn’t graduate from an educational program for the reason that your school is closed.  If the school had several different offices, you should have visited a closed office.


The main requirement of this program covers the loans of students which are not graduated and still have uncompleted courses and also that attendance of student to the school continued up to the time of closure or within 120 days after the official closing date.

To receive a discharge is very accessible when you meet the requirements.


How to apply for Student Loan Discharge



If you are federal student loan borrower and your school are closed, it doesn’t mean that your loans will be dismissed. In this case, you should apply for the Closed School Loan Discharge.

First, find an application for a loan to a closed school, and after filling out, you should send it to your service provider. Second, ask your lender about the procedure for applying for student loans. There is no deadline for the application, but you want to send it as soon as possible.


Until receiving any other no matter, it is approving or denying don’t stop making the payment if you are doing it in the present time.

After you receive permission to pay off the student loan, you will be ready to pay back in the future.

If your application for a student loan is rejected, you are still required by law to make payments following your bill of exchange. If you are denied and you believe that an error has occurred, contact your borrower and explain your reasons.

What you can do next is to visit the official website Education of the Department find the Closed School list and clarify the name of your school is here or not.

What you can do next is to visit the official website of the Department of the Education find the Closed School list and clarify the name of your school is here or not.

Always follow the new updates on Closed School Loan Discharge. We want a lot, but suddenly everything cannot be achieved. First of all, we need to be patient and aware of innovations. It does not mean that if you have not yet met your program, it is impossible. If we take into account the changes to the laws of the psyche, it may be that it is possible for you to adopt the regulations related to the condition you are now. Keep up with just the latest news!


Student Loan Discharge is not an impenetrable rock


You are in the United States – in a country with equal opportunities for each person. So whoever falls on your share, it is compulsory for all of you to shun! In the USA, it is possible to get a higher education every time, not dependent on the dispute, religious preferences, and dispatches. There are many available education credits now. It is necessary to go along with for a closed school loan discharge, which we propose to look at in this article.