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Argosy University News for 2021. What Do Students Need to Know?

Argosy university news

During 2019 we have heard a lot of Argosy University news. The closed university left many students without a diploma and a vast amount of student loan debt. The university had campuses in Florida, Virginia, California, Arizona, and many other states. However, it obliged to end its operation after the U.S Department of Education cut its Argosy University financial aid. Students suffer to meet the requirements of the degree program to obtain their diploma. Therefore, they are searching for ways to transfer their earned credits to other university programs. Unfortunately, many universities do not accept credits earned in another university. Therefore, students find it challenging to continue their education at different institutions. If you are one of Argosy students, you need to retake taken courses to continue your education at another university.

As we have mentioned, the U.S Department of Education decided to cut federal aid from Argosy University. After that, the institution failed to pay $1.6 million in assistance to its students. Later Department of Education explained the reason for cutting Argosy University financial aid. It stated that Argosy University failed to meet its financial responsibilities to its students.

According to the Education Department, even after receiving financial assistance, the university did not pay required credit balances. Between January and February, Argosy University has received $13 million federal grant. Instead of paying credit balances, it spent $.43 million to its staff, $1.8 million to expenses, and $2,2 million to the vendors. Many students were relying on federal aid to continue their education, to pay their rent, transportation, and food expenses. It led students to worry more about the future of their education than focusing on their exams. Now students are looking for ways to complete their degree and get their diploma.


The uncertain fate of Argosy University students

Argosy university news

There exist many complaints from Argosy university students. Most of them claim that the university hasn’t provided any guidance about the ways they could gain their diploma. There are a lot of students who were close to finishing their education. However, most of them failed to complete their education because of the closed university. Students who could not get their degrees need to retake all their earned credits at another university.

According to Argosy University news, they have made an agreement with several institutions about accepting their students. In other words, students could manage to continue their program without the need for retaking any course. Note that transferring your application could be a complicated and lengthy process. You may face some challenges during the transferring process. For example, many institutions limit the number of credits you want to transfer. If you have only several courses for getting a diploma, then you cannot manage to move all credits. The institution may require to retake some of the courses to verify your transfer. Transferring credits for some degrees such as medicine, nursing, law, and psychology are even more difficult and complicated. These programs have special requirements for each institution. Therefore, students from these programs could demonstrate additional effort to continue their education.  

According to recent Argosy University news, the APA has announced that it is ready to help students to finish their education. With the assistance of APA, students could send the document about their internships and credentials to the Provincial Psychology Boards and National Register of Health Service Psychologists. Now students do not need to keep track of this information. Registrars will send documents to students’ future employers, and state licensing boards.


Assistance for students

Argosy university news

During the closing period of Argosy University, some institutions have offered assistance to students. One of these institutions was Chicago School of Professional  Psychology or TCSPP. It is one of the nonprofit universities with more than 5.000 students. The university owns campuses in Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. It also offers online degrees. TCSPP is one of the universities that accept credit transfers from Argosy University students. According to TCSPP president Michele Nealon, when she first heard about the Argosy University news, her main concern was students. She also stated that she does not doubt the education level of Argosy University. She said that Argosy University had provided excellent degrees to its students. Closing of such kind of university is difficult, and it happened when psychologists are in high demand, she also added.

Fourteen degrees of TCSPP is ready to accept Argosy University students and will create easiness in the transformation process. If you are Argosy University student living near one of the campuses of TCSPP, you can easily continue your education.

The Labor Statistics Bureau indicates that demand for the psychology field is going to increase. Statistics show that it will increase by 14% between 2016 and 2026. Jobs in this field include clinical, school, counseling psychology jobs. Nowadays need for these jobs is growing faster than average job growth. There is a need for professional and competent psychologists. Therefore, universities should attract psychology students from closed schools.



Help offer from another university

Recently, Argosy University news has stated that the Chaminade University of Honolulu also will continue the clinical psychology doctoral program that Argosy University has started. Another private nonprofit university called Hawaii Pacific University also plans to offer Argosy students an opportunity to help them to get their diploma. The university is going to open new doctoral psychology program that will be beneficial for Argosy University students.



Financial Options for Argosy University students

Argosy university newsOther than getting their degree diploma, Argosy University students also suffer from huge closed school student loans. Fortunately, the closed school does not mean you will end up having student debt with no degree. There exist a couple of ways you can use to eliminate your student debt. However, it only depends on how many required credits you have and what are your future goals. One option for you could be applying for a closed school discharge program. If you manage to qualify for discharge program, you can erase all your Argosy University-related student debt. The student debt discharge program will not affect your other student loans related to other institutions.

There are some requirements you need to meet if you want to qualify for the program. First of all, you should attend one of the degree programs during the period of Argosy University closing. Or you had withdrawn from the university 120 days before the school closed.

If you think you qualify for the discharge program, you can fill closed school discharge form and send it to the loan servicer. During the application process, you need to continue your repayment plan. Also, contact with your loan servicer to get updates about your application process. Note that you cannot qualify for the program if you have transferred your credits to another institution. If you have taken all the required courses and completed your education, you cannot apply for closed school loan discharge. This case is valid even if you have not received your diploma.

You can only apply for Argosy University financial aid when the U.S Department of Education confirms the closure of the university. Education Department already approved the information. You can also see detailed information about  Argosy University news from the school closure list of Federal Student Aid.