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New York Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

New York Student loan forgiveness

Toward the end of 2018, the US government declared a new constitutional law about student loan problems. In the time of Brack Obama administration, many courses including New York student loan forgiveness programs introduced for the debate. It was a huge problem, as universities started to earn an immense amount of money from students. Different administrative figures were named in the discourse between students and universities. Many university students claimed that they were deceived and believed in paying extra money to the university. New York Student loan forgiveness programs were one of them and the program conditions updated in December of 2018, as well. What made forgiveness programs crucial is discontented students and their letters to the government. Universities went down financially, and the only position to be blamed is their administrative board members.

Ways to qualify for New York Student Loan Forgiveness programs

New York Student loan forgiveness

All forgiveness programs were due to two reasons. Either the college shut down or they have done illegal actions. If the college closed misconduct is the main reason. Many cases were related to the emails that promote job advertisements, misleading statistics and similar issues designed to deceive students. Fortunately, the situation is slightly different for the New York Student loan forgiveness programs. All students who study in New York could be eligible for this forgiveness program. Students would get money not just because they circumvented, but as financial aid for continuing their studies. There are many sections for students to be eligible and each option has special criteria.

All eligible students classified in eleven sections, in a range of variety from future social workers to army forces. One principle that every single student who wishes to apply should be US citizen and of course to agree with terms and conditions. New York Student loan forgiveness programs designed to be paid to particular students. It is a kind of borrow and students will pay back when they are workers. The amount of money is stable and approachable for any worker. It facilitates the major problem of students – financing and forces them to work on themselves harder. Because they will be demanded to work in the future and give back the borrow.

NYC student loan forgiveness for social workers

New York Student loan forgiveness

The program can provide up to $26.000 for students studying at social faculties. It is an amount fo paying their loans. Students who study in the following field can benefit from the program:

  • Mental health (such as psychiatrists)
  • Health (doctors, maybe food engineers)
  • HIV/AIDS (doctors)
  • Aging
  • Home care
  • Communities with multilingual needs
  • Child welfare

To be eligible, you should be the US citizen but still, have a chance if you are not an official citizen. Other eligibility requirements:

  1. To have a license for working in social works
  2. Your debt/loan ratio should not be extreme
  3. At least a year of qualified service
  4. Should not hold the borrow currently

To apply the program use official website and do not interact with people who do not have an official position in the following organization. Be careful that all your documents introduced to the institution verified by Federal Government loan party.

New York Loan forgiveness program for nursing faculty students

The amount for nurses could be up to $40.000. The nurses should be a graduate student and have a license and registration.

Both US citizens and foreigners can apply for the program as long as they:

  • Are registered nurses to practice in New York City
  • Master of Ph.D. degree students
  • Should have teaching experience
  • Have worked as a nurse before
  • Are not selected for other loan discharge programs

To apply the official website mentioned and do not log in your details any other parties. You could be treated and lose the money you deserve.

New York student loan forgiveness programs for young farmers

New York Student loan forgiveness

Amount of the possible highest discount is $50.000. Students who studied their bachelor degree in NYC. Conditions include an agreement between parties which maintain the requirement of the 5years farmworker status of the student. Only New York legal residences are eligible for the program. But being the US citizen is not mandatory.

Further requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree in NYC
  • Should not graduate more than two years
  • Work on a farm in New York City on a full basis
  • Agree with any farm that you will work five years here
  • Should not be forgiveness holder currently

More about the program and to apply to the NYC loan forgiveness program read from the legal website of the program.

Lawyers can benefit from Albany Law School Loan Repayment program

Conditions and eligibility criterion

Amount of the borrow: $10.000 in 3 years.

The total amount of repayment aid is $30.000.

  • Should attend at the Albany Law School before 2012
  • To be a full-time worker and have secured amount of money
  • To be interested in positions of a lawyer (or similar) related to the public interests
  • Must be an owner of deeds that overall amount is more than $30.000 (the overall funding amount)
  • Only to those whose annual profit is less than 10% of the repayment money

To apply for that outstanding opportunity fill out the form, but be careful while the process.

Loan programs for physicians

As a part of the New York loan forgiveness program, there are two programs for financing physicians. One is A Qualified Loan Repayment, and another is the Regents physician loan program.

Conditions for  New York Regents Physician Award

New York Student loan forgiveness

The program offers $10.000 up to two years and mainly for encouraging students to work in the parts of NYC shortage of workers are observing. To be eligible, you need to:

  • Have a license for practice medical condition in NYC
  • Be an NYC resident
  • Should be graduate within five years from the following departments:
  1. Pediatrics
  2. internal medicine
  3. Family practice
  4. Obstetrics
  5. Emergency medicine and
  6. Psychiatry

Qualified Loan Repayment program is a part of New York Student loan forgiveness programs as well. This program has some criterion for applicants, to select the most suitable and liable people. The offer can be up to $150.000 throughout over the course of five years. Selected physicians must agree that they will work five years in a mentioned service in barely known parts of the NYC.


  1. The US citizen or holding either I-155 or 151 resident card
  2. Approved physician when you will start your practice
  3. Worker other than “less-famous“ parts of the NYC
  4. Unselected candidate for DANY obligation repayment program
  5. An active and fruitful student in the respective department

Is enough to be eligible for the program.

New York Student loan forgiveness programs are way more different from its counterparts and are for aiding for finance of the studies rather than compromising lost money. The admission conditions a little bit tough, but it is understandable. The funding organization wants to ensure that the money goes to the students who will secure the future in different parts of life, from farming to public service, law, and psychiatry.