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2021 Guide to the Forever GI Bill’s Military Education Benefits

military education benefits

When it was accepted the first time, GI Bill’s designed to provide a range of benefits to people, who came back from WWII, to continue their education. After Trump, the 45th president of the  US, declared new changes in terms of GI Bill military education benefits program in 2017, it became more affordable. Before the declaration in 2017, World War II veterans cannot use their money after preliminarily set days. Few programs serve as military education benefits, but D. Trump made the Forever GI Bill’s almost perfect. Before the law that Trump stated, old militants can use their bills only in 15 years. $3 billion was funded for this program and veterans will use their education benefits for another ten years.

Forever GI Bill

military education benefits

The 9/11 GI Bill

The 9/11 GI Bill was accepted in 2008 and was about military education benefits for veterans. By using this benefit, old military servants can get 36 months of tuition fee and unemployment status from one to ten years. Servants who were accepted by the college would obtain a four- year fee and living expense of $1000- $2000 annually. The stipend they would benefit from was $1000, according to the regulation in 2008.

D. Trump’s changes

If the college closed down military education benefits are no longer lost.    

In our previous articles, we talked enough about closed or accredited colleges. When a college is shutting down for reasons like fraud, deceptive advertisements or regulative rules that intended to deceive students, there are two significant roadmaps for earning your loan back. GI Bill program facilitated this program and specified for a narrower audience, veterans. But until changes in August 2018, using this money was limited by the particular date. Trump declared that GI Bill must be “forever” and credits veterans got should be utilized throughout the next ten years. Thinking about the age of veterans gives a feeling that why it is called “forever.” If their colleges closed down, they could transfer credits to another college.

The second part of their education

military education benefits

After transferring unused credits, veterans would not be obliged to pay a penny. , Although the college changed, conditions remain the same. Even the servant can transfer his military education benefits to another man if the man who received credits can pass them to the third party. Unless this was a great chance, a section of people to be eligible for the “Forever GI Bill” benefits is not large.

No expiration date

The law conducted in 2008, restricted use of money to 15 years. Trump condemned that after August of 2018, it was limitless.

Military personnel who wanted to pass transfers to their children faced with a problem. Now, they are sure that, the money will not be lost even their child will be born much later.

But, the disadvantage of this letter of GI Bill regulation is that it is not referred to every single person on the military. To benefit from this particular case, your discharge deadline (due to old declaration) must be after the 1st of January, 2013.

The number of recipients increased by

military education benefits

The Purple Heart Recipients can benefit from “Forever GI Bill” as well. The Purple Heart is an award of the US presidents, to military service personnel. So if you awarded with the Purple Heart, you are eligible for the military education benefits program. There was an exception that you should have served three full years to be eligible for the “GI Bill” program. With the new regulation if you had Purple Heart and received it after 2011, then you could earn “Forever GI Bill” as well.

Another class of eligible candidates is Yellow Ribbon program students.

Reducing housing rates

Attorneys and lawmakers think it is waste to spend that program because it creates the opportunity for former fund holders to apply for the second. At the same time, the number of people with additional costs increases, which is not worse at all. Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) rates for military servants are not high. Military education programs like “Forever GI Bill” either cut housing costs or reduce it to the minimum percentage. As it is said,  95% of veterans’ housing will be paid by the government by 2020.

Survivors and dependents’ education program (DEA)

This program is another subsection of GI Bill declaration. According to this law, payment months will be reduced. The previous number of months was 45, and it became 36. The good news is annual money that the government pays as compensation for those you died and barely survived.

High Technology Pilot Program

This program was designed to spread “Forever GI Bill” financial aid into several other fields, as well as non-degree programs like programming.

Coding is a future and does not require a 4 years degree. One can learn to code at home in a short period. Recent trend shows us people prefer to study in short-time coding courses over four years of study. Veterans who survived, but is not fully capable of working in an office or the field, chose to learn to code.

GI Bill fund for stem students

Edith Nourse Scholarship was intended to help students from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This is the sign that forgiveness benefits can be forwarded to other fields as well. Previously, GI Bill holders were not got covered their 5th years in the university. When president Donald Trump signed this declaration, they obtained such an opportunity. The second option is to pay an additional $36.000 for the 5th year. It is essential to apply in the earlier possible time because the cost of $100 million per year is distributed to the applicants on the top of the list.

Reversed Personnel and Tiers

People excluded early from the service due to several reasons such as, wounded or lost any ability early war times. It is possible to obtain the real discount – up to 50% even if you served less than six months.

60% discount can be benefitted by individuals served between 3 and 12 months. It was 50% before 2018, August declaration about military education programs.

There are other additional subsections to be eligible for the “Forever GI Bill” program. But it is more important to know the eligibility criterion instead of reading a long list of applicant conditions.

Are you eligible?

If the law were not updated, only veterans with duty before 2013 1st January would be eligible. Forever part of the military education benefits changed the regulation, and qualified parties will benefit it forever. It is forever for children and spouses of veterans who passed away.

An endnote

The Forever GI Bills’ is the best option for financing your studies, as far as I know. If your parents had military education benefits due to their serving to the US, you could be eligible. The best thing about Forever GI Bills program is that you can take advantage even if you do not know anyone with military service and did not have a military education.