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How to apply to Westwood College Loan Forgiveness in 2021


In 1986, Westwood College, for-profit higher educational establishment was founded but was closed in March of 2016. During its years of activity with educational purposes, it was providing online learning options and had 15 campuses in five of the states of the United States. Before its closure, the school notified its current and former students that Westwood College is shutting down, and it was announced that it would stop enrolling new students. They also provided false information to students about being able to transfer their credits to other schools. Moreover, the students were also falsely informed about students loans. Good thing that Westwood College loan forgiveness program has started offering its services to the defrauded students of Westwood. This article explores the questions of how to file your application for Westwood College loan forgiveness program to receive positive results.




Deluded graduates of Westwood College have an opportunity to apply to Westwood College loan forgiveness program. The student loan forgiveness program supports the former students of Westwood College to pay out their student loans. There are two options for the resolution you can select from as a means to get clear with your student loans. One is the Borrower’s Defence to Repayment program and the second is the Closed School Student Loan Discharge program. Both of these alternatives have their advantages and convenience you should consider while selecting a program for loan forgiveness in 2019.

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Most students who have been defrauded by the for-profit educational establishment may be eligible for Borrower’s Defense to Repayment program. If you took a federal student loan with the purpose to attend Westwood College but were a victim of the college’s violation of state laws or were deceived, you might be eligible for the cancellation of your loan. The Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program enables individuals with students loans to challenge the legal basis of their loans and get forgiveness of repayment of their student loan. Take into consideration the fact that only the student loans that you have sent a Borrower Defense application for will be considered. In case you submit an application for Westwood College loan forgiveness, whether you have other student loans or not, your student loan only for Westwood College will be considered.


Claiming Borrower’s Defense is viable if you indicate that the educational facility violated the state law related to the educational provision for which your student loan was provided or to your student loan directly. The vantage ground of Borrower’s Defense to repayment is that you may be qualified independent from the fact that your school is shut down or not. There is a possibility for the full or part of your unresolved student loan to be forgiven. You might also get compensation for the part of the loan that you have already paid.




Deciding to ask for Borrower’s Defense to get Westwood College loan forgiveness is the first step. Next, it is a prerequisite to fill out an application form. One way to do it is to fill out an online application with your digital signature at the official website of Borrower Discharge. An alternative method is to complete a PDF application form, sign it, and send it to the U.S. Department of Education either via email or by post.


Apart from the filled out and signed the application form, it is salutary to attach or upload additional documents to backtrack and support your application with evidence, as well as, a Borrower’s Defense Claim. The attached documents could be documents of your program of study, official emails with the educational institution, and others.




Westwood has been held responsible for many illegal activities, including misleading advertising and enrollment practices. As this a constitutional matter, you must claim the truth and what you have encountered when writing your Borrower’s Defense claim. You should make it crystal clear that the reason you decided to take a student loan was convincing fraudulent activities of Westwood that persuaded you to attend their educational establishment.

The authorities need to see the explicit connection between certain things that Westwood did to defraud you and make you decide that it was worth to get under the burden of taking a student loan to attend Westwood. For this reason, your Borrower’s Defense claim should include the specific actions taken by Westwood that left you in the position that you are in now. It is also worthwhile to accuse Westwood College with fraudulent activities that it has already been charged with or has admitted to committing.




Lawsuits filed against Westwood College accused it of giving misleading information and defrauding students. Most former students made complaints about the persuasive and pushing maneuvers, as well as, false data used by the staff to deceive prospect students into enrolling.


All in all, in 2012, Westwood College frauds were closed with a $4.5 million settlement by Colorado officials. It was revealed that Westwood has lied to many students about future possibilities to find high-paying jobs if they graduate their college. Additionally, they have deceived prospect student of being able to pay the high prices of degree courses by the help of scholarships or grants.





The application processing is a long-lasting process and sometimes might require more than a year. The reason for it is the increasingly growing number of applications. The sooner you send in your request, the quicker you will receive your results.



The second method to get loan forgiveness is by applying for the Closed School Loan Discharge program. This program operates on the basis of a simple fact. If the educational establishment was shut down while you still were an active student, you withdrew not more than 120 days before the school closed, or you haven’t received your diploma by the time of its closure, you are eligible for this program.




The application process is similar to the previously discussed program. The Government’s official application form for the Closed School Loan Discharge program has to be filled out and hand into your loan servicer. The procedures of your loan servicer determine next steps. Every servicing company has different approaches to the process which you can find out about by contacting them and asking about the requirements.




Each of these programs has its advantages. They are both aimed at getting rid of your student loans. You can read more about the Top Student Loan Forgiveness Programs here. As every case is individual and unique, choosing which Westwood College Loan Forgiveness program is best for you depends on your priorities. To get help contact us.