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Navient Loan Forgiveness – What student loan borrowers should know

navient loan forgiveness

In January 2017 Illinois, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Washington advocates prosecuted Navient. In 2017 after several months, Pennsylvania’s advocate decided to allege Navient, too. Mississippi and California’s advocates also did this in June and the next month, July. The CFPB claims that since January 2010 Navient has done these things: It has not made income-driven repayments. It has misallocated payments. It has deceived borrowers about income-driven repayment plans and their re-enroll process. However, Navient does not accept this and think that these allegations are untrue. Now you are not sure Navient discharge is valid or not. Navient student loan lawsuit was just a program. We will give information about Navient loan forgiveness in a bit. There were many additional things about this lawsuit although Navient loan forgiveness attracted many people. If you interested in real programs, visit the website of the company Student Load Resolved.




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In this part, we are going to give you some information that you should know. In Navient student lawsuit the followings are shown against Navient loan forgiveness:


  1. Borrowers were prevented from passing to the student loan services which direct the PSBLF (PSBLF stands for Public Service Loan Forgiveness program). This program (PSBLF) is a federal program. PSBLF could be a FedLoan program, for example. Here Navient felt like to gain fees and made money.
  2. Borrowers were misled to types of forbearance. Forbearance does not characterize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program which forgives borrowers for federal student loans. Those teachers who work full-time in a local, national, or state public service job instead of this type of situation. Full-time means thirty hours per week.  The final result is that nurses, teachers, social workers, first responders, and remaining public servants have to pay dollars.


Five states sued Navient in 2017. These states are Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Mississippi, and Illinois as shown at the beginning of this article.


Information about “loan forgiveness program”


loan forgiveness


A “Navient student loan forgiveness” program is entirely a thing that does not exist. With federal student loans, those borrowers might apply to one of the loan forgiveness programs. These programs are federal and can be Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Another option is the income-driven repayment plan. Now answers to some questions:

  1. Navient is not any service at all. You can consider student loan services. We can show you some of them:
  • Private student loans do not appear on the Federal Student Aid website for those who have student loans. It can be determined by contacting the relevant place such as companies or by online account. This company is the one sending your bills.
  • Federal Student Aid website shows federal student loans. Visit their website with FSA ID and use “Current ED Servicer.”
  1. You should know that the federal government offers student loan forgiveness for federal student loans. Private student loans do not include here, either.

About Loan Servicer

  • You cannot choose your student loan servicer. It is only assigned. The US Department of Education assigns those who struggle with a federal loan and a student loan servicer. It happens after disbursing of the loan. It is almost the same for a private student loan. That service will be assigned to you. Here assigner is your lender.
  • A student loan servicer is not changeable. That loan servicer might alter while repaying the course of the student loan once. The reason is that federal student loan may be transferred. The US Department of Education does this to a new loan servicer. You can ask “Why?”. The answer is for providing you the excellent repayment support and customer service.
  • There is one way that might help you. Student Loan Consolidation may change your loan servicer. However, we have to warn you that there is no guarantee.
  • Student Loan Refinancing is the other way that can assist you in altering your loan servicer.

Compensation, Consolidation, and Refinancing

  • CFPB which stands for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed the lawsuit. This lawsuit was against Navient. By the way, CFPB is an agency of a federal government.
  • Some other suits have happened at the state. Attorneys general was Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Illinois.
  • You maybe have struggled with loan refinancing or loan consolidation. However, if you make the right decision, you will go ahead without losing much money.
  • The federal government will provide you student loan consolidation for federal student loans. It is possible that the interest rate of yours will be equivalent to the weighted average which belongs to the interest rates of your federal student loans. Direct Consolidation Loan might assist you in an income-driven repayment plan, public service loan forgiveness, or forbearance. These are for public service loan forgiveness.
  • Your private student loans, federal student loans, or both of them can be handled with Student loan refinancing. With refinancing you will achieve single student loan servicer, a lower interest rate, and single monthly payment.
  • If you want to save money, you may use student loan refinancing. Do this with the help of a lower interest rate. Let us say you have economic problems. Then apply lenders, because they suggest different payment plans. People find this way helpful if they do not access plans of federal repayment. Apply co-signers or many lenders that you are sure they are qualified. In this way, the chance of approval will be higher for student loan refinance.

About action plan


navient loan forgiveness


Step 1 – Gather information about student loan options. Student Loan Servicers’ principal roles are to assist and explain to you all available choices for student loans. These are some choices you may make:



If you think about loan repayment, do your investigation yourself. In this subject do not go to any loan servicer to lead you at anything. There are many evil forgiveness programs like Navient loan forgiveness.


Step 2 – If you get feeling that student loan servicer or student loan lender deceives you, do not hesitate to complain about this and go to do this formally:



Step 3 – Stay updated to all newly loan development programs. Some changes might occur in student loans. For example, there is a probability that a potential end to public service loan forgiveness, student loan forgiveness, and student loan repayment might change.


Step 4 – You have to keep the organized records. These records can be any loan payments with your servicer. We strongly recommend that whenever you contact your student loan servicer, do this by writing. By this way, you will have proofs if something wrong happens tomorrow.

The reliable company you can trust

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