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Frequently Asked Questions About the ITT Tech Lawsuit 2021

ITT Tech lawsuit

ITT Tech, which consisted of more than 100 campuses in 38 states, until the beginning of September 2016 was a large commercial college in the country. ITT Tech was shut down after the enrolling new students using federal financial aid. By using deceptive ways, ITT Tech aimed to obtain more money. For settling ITT Tech lawsuit with the state of California, on overestimating students’ average scores so they can qualify for additional state financial aid. Moreover, the school was accused of using misleading recruitment means and non-compliance with educational standards. Additionally, the school was found responsible for using aggressive recruiting tactics and not meeting educational standards. Here is a piece of great news for hundreds of thousands of students involved in ITT Tech lawsuit.

Students may take advantages of loan forgiveness for  ITT Tech in 2019. If you are struggling with this issue, below we listed frequently asked questions about this issue which may be helpful for you.

Who is affected by the lawsuit?

ITT Tech lawsuit

About 40 million Americans today have student loans. The outstanding debts on student loans in this country are about $ 1.4 trillion. This is more than a third of the total federal budget. It is clear that there are many ITT Tech University student loan borrowers too.

If you were a student of ITT Tech between 2006 and 2016, this covers you and also the students will be refunded who made payments to the ITT Tech after the declaration of bankruptcy. Falsely identified private loans of the students granted by the school will be canceled. ITT’s estate will notify the students about eligibility on debt cancellation. To know which options include ITT Tech Lawsuit you need to pay attention to the information indicated below.

Available Loan Forgiveness Options for ITT Tech students

We have good news who are searching for loan options for ITT Tech students. Yes, you have understood correctly! If you are dealing with this issue, you have an eliminate your loan issue from your life forever! What are available Student Loan Forgiveness Options for ITT Tech students?


  • Closed School Loan Discharge Program
  • Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge Program
  • Transfer of earned credits


Below, you will get information on what are these programs, application process, etc.

Look for Closed School Loan Discharge application

ITT Tech lawsuit

You have the opportunity to receive ITT Tech loan forgiveness through the Closed School Loan Discharge program if ITT Tech was shut down:

  1. During your studies
  2. Soon after you left, and you did not complete the training program,

If you faced with the same cases listed above, you would receive 100% forgiveness for your direct federal direct loans.

For federal loan borrowers of ITT Tech can qualify for full forgiveness. With the help of this program, it is possible to get a refund of the amount you paid for the service ITT Tech student loans.

Eligibility requirements

ITT Tech lawsuit

We stated above that ITT Tech Students are eligible for Closed School Loan Discharge program if they attended the indicated school, which closed during their visit or shortly after they left, and they did not complete their training program. Let’s continue ITT Tech Lawsuit from here. Here is a detailed description of the date, which is within 120 days after the school closes upon enrollment or leaving the school makes you eligible to take advantages of this program.

İf you clarified you qualify for this program, you should concentrate on your next stage. The application process is the most important of it.

Before getting started to your Closed School Loan Discharge Application, let’s clarify that where you can find an application form.

You should log in My Federal Student Aid website. Then you can get contact information about who services your loan so that you can call them and find out where to file the form.

Firstly, fill out the form and send it via snail mail, email, FTP or another acceptable way that they will tell you. After that, you have just one way: to wait for the answer.

To get a discharge and receive your loan forgiven, you will need to fill it in completely and send it to anyone who services your loans.

Another option is to qualify for ITT Tech Student Loan Forgiveness via Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharges

Have you been subjected to the ITT Tech School’s illegal activities? Don’t give up! You still have an option to qualify for Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge too. If you are involved in ITT Tech Lawsuits, you should prove that the educational center committed illegal actions against you.

Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge

ITT Tech lawsuit

Are you involved in ITT Tech Lawsuit filed against the School? Don’t miss the chance to apply for Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge. Now you can pay off not only all your student loan debts and also get a refund for the amount you paid earlier.

If you are one of the thousands of ITT Tech students who are struggling with their loans one of them, with this article, you can get all the necessary information.

How to be eligible

If your school did deceitful actions against you, this makes you eligible for this program. It is the primary requirement for eligibility. First of all, you should provide evidence related to the violation and defrauding by ITT Tech.  Make sure you provided all proofs related to the illegal activities by ITT Tech and deceived you. Be adequately prepared for your claim. You must convince that the school has misled you by giving false information that does not fit the actual condition of ITT Tech.

Complete your application form; sign it. After, all send it. Take into account all the details carefully, fulfill all the required information. In the absence of sufficient information, the Ministry Of Education will reject your claim. Get to know attentively with the list of required documents, if you don’t want to miss this chance.

You can transfer your credits to another school

Transferring the credits to another school for ITT Tech students is possible too. Now you can be free from debt load or study at another university. But firstly, you should get permission from the university where do you want to continue your education. After you get approved, you can determine the programs you want to take in your new school.

Unfortunately, you should consider that sometimes universities reject too.


Do not be nervous and do not act hastily!

The first thing you should do is calm down, not be nervous, and not make hasty decisions. Whoever is nervous, that one makes mistakes, and your erroneous and rash actions and decisions only benefit sharks from your student loans.

If you are the student of this school, you still have an opportunity of getting student loan forgiveness. Thanks to the ITT Tech Lawsuit, you may get rid of the debt burden forever. We stated above relating the three programs which give you can take advantage. Define which of them, you are eligible to apply.