If you are reading this topic, probably you are one of the students who have a problem with Anthem college and try to get rid of current student loan debts. As you know, Anthem College has shattered five years ago, in 2014 and the college faced lots of allegations. As a result, most of the students of the Anthem left college with a considerable amount of student loan debts. As you expect, nobody wants to hire a student with improper knowledge, and the majority of employee think that former students of these universities like Anthem have not given proper education. If you one of the victims of the Anthem college then we have great news for you. As a former student, you could be eligible for Anthem student Loan Forgiveness Programs. There are two types of Anthem student loan forgiveness option which you could benefit.

What were the allegations against the Anthem college and how to benefit from the Anthem lawsuit?

anthem student loan forgiveness


There are lots of lawsuits filed against the Anthem as the Anthem college used the illicit marketing strategy of the to attract more people. So after investigations of the US Senate, the college was found guilty, and it leads lots of discussion about improper activities of the school. Majority of the student complain about this situation which influenced both their career and education perspective.

Of course, to owe a considerable amount of student loan debts is one problem and get rejected from every job place is another bad situation. But do not lose your hope as being a victim, in this case, open a new door to avoid repaying student loans. As we mentioned above, there are two ways of benefiting from Anthem student loan forgiveness programs. One of these programs is The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program (known as BDAR) and the other Closed School Loan Discharge program.

Both of these student loan forgiveness options are very helpful for those who struggle with a tremendous amount of student debts. So as a former student you could be able for one or both of these options. To do so, you need to have comprehensive knowledge about Anthem student loan forgiveness programs. Besides, you might use public complaints, files provided by the college to you in your application which helps you get advantage from student loan forgiveness program.

What was the illicit marketing strategy of Anthem College?

So as we inform above there some illegal activity of the Anthem College which was found by the US Senate. Here some of them:

-First of all, Anthem College lied about the quality of the educational perspectives;

-Transferability of the credits. Anthem College lied about the possible transferability of the credits. So most of the students could not transfer their credits as was them told.

-Employment prospects. Anthem College fraud students about employment and career prospects.

So these allegations are quite, and if any of them sound familiar to you, you could use those sort of arguments in your The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment application. Also, you could use messages, official emails and any forms of communication which prove the illicit activity of the Anthem College. It would better show as much as possible proves which help you take advantage of Anthem student loan forgiveness programs.

Also, we recommend you do not lie or exaggerate the facts as the Anthem student loan forgiveness program is a legal process. In any wrong fact provided by you could be a headache for yours. So, try do not exaggerate claims or fabricate evidence which creates legal repercussions. If you do not know how to apply for Anthem student loan forgiveness program, then get professional assistance. It would better as professionals own experience in this case and they know what to do to help you to get rid of loss of time and money.  

How to benefit from The Closed School Loan Discharge program?

anthem student loan forgiveness

So as we mentioned earlier Anthem College shut in 2014 and it makes a former student of the college eligible for The Closed School Loan Discharge program. This program is a profitable option to get rid of student loans, but for this, you need to answer some qualifications. The Closed School Loan Discharge program especially suitable for those who were not able to complete their education before the college closed. To get the advantage of this loan forgiveness option, you need to be eligible one of these conditions:

-First of all, you should have been continued your study at Anthem college before the school closed;

-Also, you must have left the college no more 120 days before the Anthem college shut down;

-As a former student you should not have completed all the credits required for graduation;

-Even if you transferred credits to another college you could not be attending another school;

So these options make the student qualify for The Closed School Loan Discharge program as a part of the forgiveness program.

Another discharge program to avoid student loans

The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program is an excellent option for those who struggle with student debts. This type of loan forgiveness option helps students eliminate student debts and even get compensation for the expenditure they made for their study. Most of the students of the Anthem get benefit via The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program. Because of false advertising and claims about degree programs and education level make this program possible for Anthem college students.

anthem student loan forgiveness

If you want also get advantage from this program, you need strong proves about fraudulent behavior of the college. All you need to express your personal experiences via BDAR application and it is important to fill application persuasively and correctly. Unfortunately, most of the students could not express themselves accurately which divest of possible advantages of the loan forgiveness programs. So we offer professional help for such kind of situations. The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program also refund students who owe money for Anthem higher degree programs and compensate the amount of money they have made for the study program.

You will pay taxes on forgiven debt in case, and you get advantage from programs

It is, and as you expect, it sounds quite bad. You have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. Unfortunately, IRS take the forgiven student loan debt as taxable income. The adverse side of this situation is you should repay all amount of money at once. So depending on the amount it could be changed. For example, let’s assume that your  $100,000 of student loan forgiven via any of the programs we mentioned above.

If you pay  30% for income taxes, then you must pay $30,000 as a taxable income to the IRS. As you see, it is not so easy to repay so much money at the same time. On the contrary, it is a good chance if you own much more money as a student loan debt. So it would better to get expert advice and then go into this process.

If you need professional approach and assistance related to Anthem student loan forgiveness options or any repayment issue, our experts will be happy to help you handle any problem. Just contact us and get possible advice.