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How to qualify for: Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge?

Disability Loan Discharge

Struggling with student loans is not an easy process as it looks. If you have outstanding student loan debts, there are some news you might be interested in. Do you have any idea about what would happen if you lose your physical ability due to accident or you get an illness that makes you unable to work? In that case, you may qualify for Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge program which could potentially wipe out your massive student loans. If you could able to prove to the US Education Department that you are disabled and unable to make a payment on your loans, you can take the benefit of Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge program. By applying for this program, you can receive total student loan forgiveness and possible reimbursement on the payments you have already made on your loans.

We will guide you on how to apply Disability Loan Discharge and provide some tricks for not to waste so much time for documentation procedures.


Who qualifies for TPD?


Disability Loan Discharge


The US Education Department created the TPD program.  The purpose of the program is assisting people who are finding it difficult to make payments due to loss of physical ability or illness. Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge program provide total cancellation on student loans. Additionally, depending on some particular reasons, it could offer some refunds for the paid amount for the debts. The primary eligibility requirement of Disability Loan Discharge program is that you have to prove you can not work and repay your student loan debts because you are disabled or you suffer from an illness.

Before submitting your application form, keep in mind that the TPD program provides student loan forgiveness for only federal loans. It means that this program applies if you have borrowed money through the following loan programs.

  • Federal Perkins Loan Program
  • William David Ford Federal Direct Loan
  • Federal Family Education Loan

Besides this,  this program allows you to get relief from TECH Grant service obligation. If you think you apply any of these criteria, then there is nothing stop you submitting your loan discharge application.

How does TPD work?

When you submit your application, the US Education Department requires to attach documents which supports that you are disabled. Once you have completed application, they will asses, and contact you back to inform about results. In two cases, you are not going to need to deal with finding additional documents to prove your disability. First, if you are a member of the US Department of Veterans or you receive the support of the Social Security Administration, US Department of Education is automatically informed by these two institutions to determine your status.


How to apply for Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge?


Disability Loan Discharge

As we mentioned above, based on the agreement with the Social Security Administration and Department of Veterans, US Health Department evaluates who is eligible for loan discharge. If you meet any of these criteria, all you are going to need is to complete the application form, sign it and mail to the Department. If you are not able to fill out the application due to physical disability, your representative may do it on behalf of you. In this case, he/she is required to fill the Applicant Representative Designation form. It must be completed and submitted before sending the application.

There are three ways to fill an application.

Online application – You can complete only certain parts of blank online because the essential documents and attachments have to be submitted as paper format.  When you finish providing online information, you will receive partially completed form in pdf format. Then, you have to print and fill out by hand, sign and send it back to the required address.

Print application-, all you are going to need is download entire application blank, and fill it out by hand, sign and send to the required address. You can download or print the Disability Loan Discharge application blank .

Phone/email – final method is you can request an application via phone call or email. The contacts are 888-303-7818


How to complete the application?


Disability Loan Discharge


No matter which way you choose to fill out the application, the format is different for each disability category. When you fill out the first and second sections online, you will receive pdf form of blank of the third section. Once you have completed the entire blank, you are going to need to attach supportive documents which vary by depending on each disability status.


How to prove that I am disabled?


Federal Student Aid has determined a particular requirement to prove that you are disabled and eligible for Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge. You have to meet at least one of the following criteria.

Department of Veterans Affairs – if you are a veteran, you must provide the document which affirms that you are unable to work due to disability/injury occurred during your service in the army.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – if you have SSDI or you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may qualify for Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge. Keep in mind that, the document states that your disability will be reviewed within 5 – 7 years after the last disability determination you had.

Physician certification –  final way to prove your disability is providing a certification confirmed by a doctor (M.D. or D.O.). This document must state that you are totally and permanently disabled. The physician has to verify that you are not able to work because of the loss of physical or mental disability which:

  • has continually lasted over a period of time not less five years
  • could be expected to result with death
  • could be expected to continue for continuously at least five years.

It worth to note that you are required to send your completed application within 90 days after your physician has signed it.

After clearly check that you fill out every section, and uploading all the attachments, you have to submit it to the Department. You can find the required address to send your application here.


What to do after submitting my application?


Disability Loan Discharge


It worth to note that after you submit your application, the US Department of Education cancels your student loan collection during the period of reviewing process. It means that you are not required to make payments on your student loans until you receive a response from the Department. Additionally, during this determination process, you are free from TEACH Grant service obligation. After evaluation of your documents, if they decide you are eligible for Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge, you will be contacted about student loan forgiveness programs, even, the reimbursement conditions. No, if you are informed disqualifying about discharge, you will get a clear explanation of why you are not eligible. If you get your application denied, unfortunately, you have to continue to make payments on your debts.

Finally, by taking all of these into consideration, if you think you meet eligibility criteria, then there is no reason to stop you applying to Total and Permanent Disability Loan Discharge program. We recommend not to lose time, apply today. Because, due to the numerous applications, it may take a long time to get approval for discharge.