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The DeVry University Loan Forgiveness

The students of DeVry University have an excellent opportunity to get rid of their debts and receive refunds. As a result of a legal battle, DeVry University settled for making refunds worth $49 million. Alternatively, you can eliminate all your debt by applying to the Borrower’s Defense Against Loan Repayment program. If you cannot choose between these two options of DeVry University Loan Forgiveness, do not worry. The great news is that you can apply both of them and enjoy all the benefits. 


It is now time for you to use the charges in your favor and possibly get all of your student loans forgiven! Fill out the form to see if you qualify for the forgiveness program.

Before Going Into The Details…

We will inform you about two amazing ways of reducing and getting rid of your debt in this guide. Yet, before discussing the details, you need to keep one important thing in mind. There are thousands of students dealing with the same struggles as you do. They also try to get refunds or cancel their debts. Though the advantage of the BDALR program seems huge, it is a very competitive alternative. Because of the number of applications, it almost takes a year to get approval. Also, the Trump administration is against this DeVry University Loan Forgiveness program and tries to end it. 

In this complicated situation, it is not wise to act alone. If you truly want to eliminate your debt, you need to get expert help. Your chances of approval highly depends on what extent you are convincing in your application. Hence, an expert from Student Loans Resolved, who has vast experience in similar cases, will be your best partner in this challenging process.

$100 Million settlement

In 2016, DeVry University agreed to a $100 million settlement for the claims of deceptive employment promises. Allegedly, the university claimed that 90% of its graduates could find job opportunities in six months. Also, they misled students by stating that their bachelor’s earnings after graduation were 15% more compared to students of other schools. Due to these unlawful actions, the university agreed to pay $49.4 million in cash to students who were affected by misleading advertisements. The rest of the money would be used for DeVry University Loan Forgiveness and students’ debts for getting books, lab fees, etc. Additionally, they also restrained the university from continuing misrepresentation through false job promises.

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2019 Lawsuits

Another lawsuit started in 2019 when a former student sued the organization for false employment statistics. According to the claim, DeVry University influenced students to get loans because they believed finding a job after graduation would be easy. Also, a student who was a disabled veteran, sued the school for misconduct. He claimed that he was convinced that his GI Bill would cover all expenses. Hence, he would study for free. However, after he signed all documents, he left the university with ten thousand dollars worth debt. In general, DeVry faced many complaints during 2017-2018. The university dealt with more than 15% of all claims made against for-profit colleges in that period. 

Consequences of Lawsuits

Sure, all these complaints did not end in favor of the university. The Federal Trade Commission sent two rounds of refunds to students. The first one happened in 2017, which was worth $49 million, as mentioned before. These refunds benefitted to around 173k debtors. In the second round of refunds, approximately $9.4 million was paid in 2019. About 130k students received refunds.

While it is great to get a refund, it was a little amount compared to the struggles and debts of the students. Luckily, students can still enjoy more benefits if they apply to the Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment program. Receiving a tiny amount of refunds does not restrain debtors from eligibility.

Options for DeVry University Loan Forgiveness

Technically, there exist two ways to get some or full relief from your debt. The first alternative is benefitting from the settlement between DeVry University and the Federal Trade Commission. Yet, it brings only a small benefit. In the first round of checks, the average refund per person was only $70. This number increased to $280 in the second round. The second option, the Borrower’s Defense Against Loan Repayment, is much desirable compared to the settlement refund. Through this federal aid, you can get 100% cancellation on your loans for educational reasons. Even better, you can receive refunds for previous payments. However, not everyone will be eligible for this program. Hence, keep reading to get familiar with the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Refunds

Debtors who studied at DeVry University during 2008-2015 October can receive the refunds we discussed in the previous section. Students should be enrolled in programs of bachelor’s or associate’s level. Another requirement states that you had to pay a minimum of five thousand dollars as cash or through loans and military benefits. As an educational condition, eligible candidates have at least one-course credit.

Borrower's Defense Against Loan Repayment

This program is an excellent opportunity for receiving full DeVry University Loan Forgiveness for your debt. Additionally, you can even receive refunds for your prior payments. The program aims to help students who wasted time and money on education from ineffective schools. If the university engaged in actions against state laws and misled you, you can be eligible for the cancellation. You have to prove that you incurred debt only because the university defrauded you. As the university of DeVry faced many complaints and dealt with multiple lawsuits for fraud and deception cases, your chance of convincing the Department of Education is relatively high. 

Why Do You Need to Act Fast?

Because of the high chance of getting DeVry University Loan Forgiveness, thousands of students applied to the BDALR program. Currently, it might take around a year for the Department of Education to review your case and approve it. There is also another problem concerning the applicants. The Trump Administration is not in favor of the program. In its reform plans, the officials aim to end this aid. Hence, you need to decide quickly and fill the application before the administration realizes its intent.

Application to the BDALR

As you already know, this program is an extremely beneficial way of the DeVry University Loan Forgiveness. On the one hand, there are thousands of students getting ready to apply. On the other hand, the Trump Administration wants to end the program. As this financial aid plan is crucial for both parties, you need to maximize your chance and get rid of your debt as soon as possible. The main factor for getting approval is the way you fill your application. 

First, you will be required to upload documents such as contracts, promotional materials, or transcripts. Second, there will be questions such as the reasons for your belief that the school misled you. You have to be crystal clear in your claims and support them with details and evidence to prove. For instance, you can upload your emails with the recruiters. Also, noting the names and positions of people who misinformed or defrauded you will be useful.

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How Can I Improve My Chance of Getting Approval?

One of the best ways is linking your claims to previous lawsuits. This step is the easiest step for DeVry University Loan Forgiveness because it has already faced a lot of allegations. They even engaged in false advertising on public platforms, which means it will not be hard to find evidence for misconduct.

Why didn't I receive a full refund?

The settlement’s refund amount covers many students. Therefore, what you received is your small share. These refunds do not intend to pay your damages fully. The best way to get rid of your debt and receive further refunds can be through the Borrower’s Defense Against Loan Repayment program.

What is the cost I should incur to get a refund?

There are no costs in the refund process. The Federal Trade Commission never asks people to make any payment for claims or receiving refunds. If any third-party offers you a refund opportunity in return of fee, do not trust them. You will receive the check for a refund from the settlement if you are eligible. Later, you can cash out or deposit it.

Where can I get more information about the refunding process?

Sure, you can contact the refund administrator of the Federal Trade Commission directly or check their website. However, you can also get help from Student Loan Resolved to answer all your concerns and direct you to the right destination.

Which of the two alternatives should I choose?

It is better to get the advantage of both ways of the DeVry University Loan Forgiveness. Luckily, applying to the Borrower’s Defense AgainstLoan Repayment program does not make you ineligible for the refund. The other way around is also possible, as getting a refund does not restrain you from applying to the BDALR. We would recommend you to try both of them and get as much benefit as you can.

How should I apply to the BDALR?

The only way for applying to this way of DeVry University Loan Forgiveness is through the official website of the program. Please, do not trust any third-party platform. They can take your personal information, and you may have to deal with the Identity Theft problem. Also, when you fill the application, do not lie. It is a legal action, and lying or exaggerating can put you in an undesirable position.

What is a forbearance status?

After you apply to the BDALR, the Department of Education starts reviewing it. It can take a long time, and during this period, your loan will have forbearance status. It means, your payments will stop. You do not need to make a payment, and your loan still will not default. However, as soon as you get a rejection, the payments will resume. Also, you have to pay accumulated interest payments. It is also an option not to stop payments and continue depending on your decision.

What happens if I get approval?

You can get total or partial elimination. If you get full cancellation, you do not need to make payment anymore. However, if you receive partial DeVry University Loan Forgiveness, then you have to pay the rest and also accumulated interest rate during the forbearance period.

How the Department of Education decides on the percentage of forgiveness?

You can see the percentage of cancellation is usually in your notification emails. This amount depends on many factors, and most importantly, on the incomes of students who graduated from other schools. The officials will compare your income rate to others to determine how much debt should be eliminated.

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