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A Complete Guide To Student Loan Consolidation in 2019

Most of the typical college or university students finish their studies with several student loans. Student life is very hard, especially if you are struggling with financial issues. Loan management problems, exams, and debts are tiring students for most of their university years. Some students use federal loans, other private loans. Most importantly, some financially …

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2019 Guide to the American Intercontinental University Loan Forgiveness Program

If you are an American Intercontinental University student, we have some news for you. The good news is that every student of the university could be eligible for American Intercontinental University loan forgiveness program. Or you could qualify for a full student debt discharge program, thanks to the 49 States Attorney General’s lawsuit. According to …

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2019 Guide to the AIU Class Action Lawsuit & Loan Forgiveness Program

¬†¬†¬†Education is an essential factor in getting a successful career. Students are trying their best to get the diploma and finish their studies. Preparation for exams, long lectures, and many books that they are reading are all leading them to that goal. There are many issues that students are facing during their study life. Financial …

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2019 Guide to the CTU Financial Aid Refund, Student Loan Forgiveness & Debt Discharges

If you are Colorado Technical Institute (CTU) student, you may qualify for the student loan refund. According to the lawsuit against Career Education Corporation, the company should forgive approximately $500,000,000 student loan from CTU, American Intercontinental University, and Le Cordon Bleu students. The main reason behind the lawsuit was about the illegal actions of the …

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