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Le Cordon Bleu Lawsuit in 2019

Le Cordon Bleu has been involved in several investigations, lawsuits, and settlements. If you a former student of this university and struggling for student loan forgiveness, before the proceeding the means of qualifying for Le Cordon Bleu Student Loan Forgiveness, we will explain to you Le Cordon Bleu lawsuit. ¬†What is Le Cordon Bleu Lawsuit? …

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2019 Guide to the Westwood College Lawsuit

One of the main problems with the modern education system is student loans. These problems have become a barrier in front of youngsters who wish to build a life from a stretch. Students take loan during their studies and work 15 years to pay back this loan. Students are dreaming about universities like Westwood College, …

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2019 Guide to the Corinthian Colleges Lawsuit

According to the Corinthian Colleges lawsuit, the company was alleged for using deceptive business practices and aggressive advertisement tools (such as overstated job replacement rates and as if high salaries of postgraduates) to attract the students to enroll their degree programs. Corinthian Colleges Lawsuit consequently caused severe financial problems for the company and profound loss …

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