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Need Private Student Loan Forgiveness? Try These 5 Options Instead


America is one of the world’s most popular educational routes for students considering receiving an education of good quality. In addition to education, free lifestyle, cultural diversity, modern cities, high skyscrapers, and unique nature also attract students. Education in American universities brings many advantages, along with many issues. Student loan has reached its record high. Currently, in the United States, student loan debt is measured by trillions. Compared to federal student loans, private student loans have a higher interest rate. Moreover, there are few private student loan repayment plans. To find new opportunities for receiving Private Student Loan Forgiveness remains one of the actual problems in general. Now we are going to talk about Private Student Loan Forgiveness programs that almost no one actually benefits.

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic these days given the rising cost of tuition and other fees for college. If students meet certain requirements, federal loan borrowers have many options. After certain requirements are met, Public sector employees may be eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Compared to Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, Private Forgiveness programs are almost unavailable.

private-student-loan-forgivenessUnfortunately, neither same protections and provisions, nor private student loan forgiveness are included in student loan programs. Do not give up thinking about the lack of Student Loan Forgiveness programs. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Typically under unique circumstances or with specific private lenders, some options for private loans exist. We listed below 5 options. We hope that any of the below will be useful to you regarding your Student Loans.

  1.   Negotiate with your lender
  2.   Refinancing  student loans make sense
  3.   student loan Forgiveness through the Bankruptcy
  4.   Look for updates on private loans
  5.   Find new ways to increase your income

  1. Negotiate with your lender

If you dealing with the issue on private student loans, one of the ways, as the first thing you should think about doing is to contact your lender. Considering that every lender is different, so options will not be the same. It is essential to explore carefully with your lender.

Of course, your lender is not about to offer you loan forgiveness. They can offer you either student loan deferment or forbearance. It will go on for a limited amount of time based on the student’s lender. Anyway, you will have some break on your temporarily postpone your payments, while also helping you avoid delinquency. However, if you are delaying with the issue on for private student loan forgiveness, to contact your lender will be vital for you.

Before applying for some help, ask them to explain all possible solutions. Of course, you may need to provide documentation of your financial circumstances.

Don’t forget that by ignoring your payments, you will hurt your credit. Thus, to obtain new credit will be inaccessible for you.

2.  Refinancing student loans make sense

private-student-loan-forgivenessAnother way to consider is to refinance your private student loan. It will relieve you to manage your monthly payments. By this way, you can receive consolidation all your loans. The primary purpose of refinancing student loans is to get a lower interest rate. If you have a strong repayment history, a high credit rating and a stable income, you can qualify for a lower interest rate, which will help you save on repayment depending on the new maturity you choose.

If you disable or unemployed now, some refinancing lenders can offer you additional benefits like such as protection. Besides, temporarily suspending student’s payment, it will also help by giving access to career counseling services. If you see refinancing as an option, look for several refinancing lenders.

With refinancing a private student loan, the student can apply for a new loan with another lender who will old private student loans. This can benefit the student loan borrower in several ways.


  3. Private Student Loan Forgiveness through the Bankruptcy


Most likely, you are well aware of student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and that’s just not so. Not automatically, but private loan forgiveness can be in bankruptcy, it is possible. First of all, to get your student loans discharged in bankruptcy, you should  prove paying your student loans is subject you to “undue hardship.” As a part of the bankruptcy process, students must file an action against the student’s loan lender in an adversary proceeding. The chances are very rare, but in point of fact, it’s impossible to provide the basic things you need due to your monthly payments. If you can prove it, your loans can be forgiven.

When bankruptcy seems possible, consult a lawyer to find out what you are facing. They can help you understand how successful you are and forgiveness is a real opportunity by evaluating your circumstances carefully. Who is familiar with bankruptcy, can give you the best advice.


    4. Look for updates on private student loan forgiveness


If we take into account that even the world is not stable at all, expecting student loan debt remains as it is now is unreasonable. Student loan debt field is constantly changing. The laws on student loans can be often changed. That’s why it’s important to follow updates related to the student loan debt.

Although not yet visible any updates, but there are many proposals related to this issue. There is still hope for positive changes. You always have a right to contact your local representatives about laws that are up for a vote.


    5. Find new ways to increase your income


Although this is not a great chance, it can be regarded as an opportunity too. Federal programs such as Teacher Loan Forgiveness and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program wipe out all or part of your federal student loans in exchange for you working in a critical but hard-to-fill role for a couple or a few years. Unfortunately,  federal programs, such as these, are not available for private student loans. There is also a probability that some employers may offer their employees repayment of private student loans. Approximately, 3% of employers offer student loan forgiveness. If you are searching for a company which offers this benefit, make sure that whether they cover private as well as federal student loans or not.


Little protection is possible for Private student loans, and if you are not careful, you may be in debt to thousands of dollars, and thus, will ruin your future career. Make sure that you are aware of and carefully read your contract. If your any doubts exist, don’t hesitate to contact a professional financial advisor or a student loan lawyer before proceeding to the loan. Nearly half of private student loan borrowers do not exhaust their federal loan options before taking out private student loan forgiveness.