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Great News for Former ITT Tech Students!

Biden Has Cancelled $500 Million in Student Loan Debt

Over 18,000 student’s borrower defense claims were approved for forgiveness, and you can become one of them too!

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What Happened?

ITT Tech which closed in 2016 for lying to its students, left thousands of students in debt and without complete education. Now the Education Department has made more room for students to fill out their applications and get up to 100% debt relief.

How Can You Get Forgiveness?

In order to get ITT Tech student loan forgiveness, you have to make an application and clearly show how the school has deceived you specifically and what kind of hardships you’re facing as a consequence.

How It Works?

Confused how it all works, that’s why we are here! We'll provide you with a 100% FREE comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your existing financial situation.

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We specialize in document preparation services for applicants who wish to enroll into the various programs offered through The Department of Education.

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We are committed to helping our clients prepare and file the proper paperwork with the Department of Education to help reduce, defer or remove overwhelming student debt.

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