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University of Phoenix Class Action Lawsuit. Depending on their Income Borrowers may get Loan Forgiveness

So, if you former student of Phoenix university then you could be one of those who is suffering from University of Phoenix class action lawsuit. What is the University of Phoenix class action lawsuit? As some other universities Phoenix also one of those who create a massive problem for the students who study there. This …

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Most applicants get rejected. Learn how to never get rejection over your student loan forgiveness application

The student loan forgiveness programs are discharge, cancellation or forgiveness of debts, which undergraduate and graduate students have taken to pay a massive amount of college fees. In the United States, there are many forgiveness plans available to apply for the borrower students, but prevalent issue among student loan forgiveness application requested borrowers is get …

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Reduce or Eliminate your loans through Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Should we reduce or eliminate public service loan forgiveness? PSLF is a new program formed under the 2007 College Reduction in cost and Full access act, enables federal loan borrowers who make 120 qualifying monthly payments even while working with a qualifying employer (usually a non-profit organization) to forgive the remainder of their exceptional federal …

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