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Student Loan Discharge. What does it mean? Comparing Student Loan Forgiveness and Discharge.

To start the article, we must find out the answer for both Student Loan Discharge and Student Loan Forgiveness. Discharge is the removal of a student’s debts to pay all (or a portion). Student Loan Discharge has different types that students should be aware of. However, each of them has price suggestions for the IRS regulations. …

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How to apply to Everest college student loan forgiveness program. 2019 Guide to Closed School lawsuit

In this article, we will try to introduce you to Everest college student loan forgiveness program, how to apply for it and what particular conditions this program has. Additionally, you will be aware of Closed School lawsuit. As you know,  there were many complicated situations around the Everest colleges in the last few years. Students had a …

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Congress Authorized $350 million for Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Congress shocked many people who expected a hand of support from the government about Student Loans. This wish came true when Congress allocated $350 million for the Department of Education. The aim was to support borrowers get student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). This fund was allocated to help fix …

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