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What you should know about closure of ITT Technical Institutes and Loan Forgiveness in 2019

ITT Technical Institute was founded in 1969. As one of the largest educational institutes in the USA, ITT Tech Institutes were closed on September 2016. After the investigations, it became clear for everybody that university defrauded and misled the students. If you are a victim of ITT Technical Institutes, the good news is you may be …

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DeVry University Students Sue, Claiming Degree Advantages Were Falsely Promoted – DeVry Student Loan Forgiveness

The DeVry University was accused in San Antonio federal court, after alleging it committed fraud such as misrepresentation of false statements about employment rates and income of their graduates. In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission charged the DeVry University for violated federal law because of false advertising statements. DeVry and Adtalem Global Education Inc. agreed …

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2020 Guide to Apply for University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness

  In 2019, many students can be qualified for the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness. After the lawsuit against UOP, it became clear for everybody that the University of Phoenix committed illegal activities and violated the state laws. The lawsuit charged the UOP, as it used delusive recruiting methods, misrepresenting the income and job …

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