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Wyotech student loan forgiveness: Information for Former Corinthian Colleges Students

On Thursday, December 13, 2018, the Ministry of Education announced that the Borrower had approved the Borrower’s Repayment Discharges in Defense of $ 150 million, including discharges of persons participating in WyoTech. In fact, half of the $ 150 million allocated for this round of approval is dedicated to the debtors of Corinthian Colleges. Therefore, …

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The University of Phoenix under charge by Federal Government after false marketing tactics – University of Phoenix Student loan forgiveness

The University of Phoenix is a university with the primary mission to make money by misusing its students’ dreams about getting a university degree, and the diplomas that they issue are not acceptable to get a job. Employers do not get the job applicants serious who claims to have a diploma by the University of …

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Do you qualify and is it right for you?

Since education plays an essential role in building a bright career, people take some financial risks to pursue their education in accredited universities. One of these risks is taking a loan. Before enrolling at a university, upcoming students hope for well-paid job opportunities which will let them pay their loans without experiencing any difficulties after …

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Westwood College Student Loan Forgiveness

In 2016, Westwood College announced that it would close its door in further months. The students of Westwood College received an email about their options for transferring credits as well as student loan information. In 2016, March, Westwood officially acknowledged the closing of all campuses. If we just have a look at the case, the …

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