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Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers in 2019

Student loan forgiveness programs are for helping students to finance their study in some way. As the demand increasing, loan repayment and forgiveness and loan programs are growing. Recently, the president of the US declared a new law which provides students with their “lost” money. Military student benefits, teacher loan forgiveness, forgiveness for nurses, tax …

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Best private student loans of 2019

Student loans emerged towards the end of the 20th century. It was designed to aid students, to offer them a wide range of opportunity to continue their studies and drive the economic force in the US. Since the loan seemed feasible for the government administration, private student loans applied and the number of chances increased …

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Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

Recently, several states and also The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced great information for Corinthian Colleges. As over 40,000 Americans are the victims of the Corinthian Colleges. Now the former students of the Corinthian are eligible for Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness. Aequitas Capital Management is a private equity firm which invests various fields like …

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2019 Guide to the DeVry University Lawsuit, Loan Forgiveness & Discharge Program

DeVry University is quite famous for its history with numerous lawsuits and investigations, because of their falsely claimed employment rates and salaries of their graduates. They also provided inaccurate information on loan practices and the quality of their education. DeVry University Lawsuit and investigations have started in the 1990s, and there were few such cases …

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