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Navient lawsuit: What is the important difference between Navient and Sallie Mae?

If you have experience in student loans, you probably have an idea what Navient, Navient lawsuit, and Sallie Mae means as a company. Before starting of discussion about these two company’s differences, it might be plausible to talk about the general acknowledge about those by people, especially who have student loan issues. The point here …

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Most applicants get rejected. Learn how to never get rejection over your student loan forgiveness application

The student loan forgiveness programs are discharge, cancellation or forgiveness of debts, which undergraduate and graduate students have taken to pay a massive amount of college fees. In the United States, there are many forgiveness plans available to apply for the borrower students, but prevalent issue among student loan forgiveness application requested borrowers is get …

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Navient Loan Forgiveness – What student loan borrowers should know

In January 2017 Illinois, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Washington advocates prosecuted Navient. In 2017 after several months, Pennsylvania’s advocate decided to allege Navient, too. Mississippi and California’s advocates also did this in June and the next month, July. The CFPB claims that since January 2010 Navient has done these things: It has …

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