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Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit and how to benefit from Colorado Loan Forgiveness Program


Students in some cases put forward claims against their university including their faculty or administrators related to the academic reasons adopted by the educational institutions which prevent them from graduating. A significant factor here is court usually make decisions like Lawsuits. One of them is Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit. Colorado Technical Institute is a world-renowned and innovative educational institution in its research, the primary goal of which is the continuous development of science and technology. We are sure that up to filing the Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit, you have heard just advantages as mentioned above. Unfortunately, the reality is not so definite as you think. Lawsuits are filed against the university when they contain an assertion that employees of the university commit illegal actions. Facts must sufficiently prove suspicions. If you are a former student of Colorado Technical İnstitute or focus on this topic, this article will provide you with all the information you need.


The State of Colorado is famous in the United States as a place where people with liberal views live intensively. Colorado Universities are among the schools where most international students are educated in the country. In Colorado, you have plenty of high-quality undergraduates, graduate programs and college options. Open-minded and innovative education is dominant.

Also, international students can benefit from many non-profit internships in Colorado. Especially the city of Denver, the capital of the province, offers outstanding opportunities in this respect. Cities such as Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and FortCollins are also located within this state.

The State of Colorado is located in the west and is the country’s third most sunny state; therefore, many students expect an excellent climate. Students can participate in outdoor sports activities, festivals, social and cultural events in the natural environment. Admittedly, these positive opportunities and also interests in technical field encourages the students to apply for Colorado Technical University.

But as some universities, Colorado Technical Institute made improper actions against many universities, and now they are looking for ways to get rid of burden due to Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit. But what are Colorado Technical Lawsuit and academic reasons of occurrence of this lawsuit?

Colorado Technical Lawsuit

Career Education Corporation founded in 1994, acts as a major operator of the for-profit educational institutions like Colorado Technical Institute, Le Cordon Bleu, and American Intercontinental University. Based on proven illegal facts against these three universities, lawsuits which will lead federal loan cancellation for students who attended in the abovementioned institutes. The Department of Education in the USA announced approving of  $150,000,000 according to Borrower’s Defense Repayment Discharges.

It means that as a result of Colorado Technical Lawsuit, students who are subjected to illegal activities can benefit. Also due to lawsuit settlement against these three universities which operate under Career Education Corporation administration, student loans in the amount of $500,000,000 will be forgiven by the corporation on January 3rd, 2019.

colorado-lawsuitProven facts that make necessary filing lawsuit

After several investigations, the following incidents were found:

usage of emotionally saturated language to force students to enroll in their schools;

  • Giving information on the total costs of their faculty admission which doesn’t reflect the reality.
  • Misleading the students about the possibility of credit transfer and giving incorrect information when it is impossible;
  • incorrectly presented the potential for students to get a job in this area, without accurately revealing the fact that some programs do not have the necessary program accreditation;

As a part of Colorado Technical Lawsuit Settlement, Career Education Corporation takes the responsibility to do these following actions:

  • do not distort information on certification, selectivity, graduate rates, enrollment rates, credit transfer opportunities, financial assistance and benefits for veterans or licensing requirements;
  • provide real and comprehensive information relating to academic issues like total costs, the expected average student loan debt, the default rate on the program, the completion rate of the program, the average salary and the level of employment;
  • not engage in fraudulent or counterfeit recruitment practices and conduct online chat and telephone conversations with potential students;

What are eligibility requirements due To Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit?


Unfortunately, the terms do not apply to every former student of Colorado Technical Institute. Here is a crucial point like according to Colorado Technical Lawsuit Settlement that students who attended the educational institute which closed before January 1, 2019, or if their last day of study at the Technical University of Colorado occurred on December 31, 2013, or earlier, make them eligible for cancellation of their student loans.

You can eliminate your student loan debt with without expenses

You may use two ways to obtain cancellation of your federal Colorado Technical İnstitute student loan:

  1. Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program
  2. Closed School Loan Discharge program

Both of these programs will assist you to get rid of your loans. The main point is here to meet the requirements fully.

Do you need student loan cancellation of Colorado Technical Institute?
There are just one of the thousands of all the plaintive letters that have been received by the U.S. Education Department. Considering many negative features of Colorado Technical Institute lawsuit settlement was filed to emerge after the official state agency decided to get closer to such loans in the private sector.

If you have federal student loans from Colorado Technical Institute, be ready to hear good news. Now you have a chance to eliminate your student loan burden. Here is an incredible opportunity like to be able to qualify for discharging through the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program.


What you need to do to qualify for student loan forgiveness


You are now aware that getting out of debt is possible. But we should take into account that it is necessary to make a lot of effort and patience. But at the end of the tunnel, there is light. It is worth the effort.

You have just one chance. So, take it seriously! What you need to do is to prove your claim with facts that Colorado Technical İnstitute commit fraud activities against you. Attach additional and primary documents which will further strengthen. The main goal of filing of Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit is to protect the students who are damaged by the university. Find the best reason which you think is more important. This may be false information related employment rates,  advertisements with exaggerated opportunities which doesn’t match with educational programs of the Colorado Technical Institute.

This is a very complicated process. After submitting your BDAR claim, you will need to wait long, and maybe even a few months. İf you have difficulties in filing the complaint, send a request to a professional student loan expert. Some professionals in this area will able to make assistance to you.

Borrower’s Defense to Repayment program as the best option



Colorado Technical Institute Lawsuit Settlement creates an exceptional possibility to eliminate student loan burden. As a matter of fact, the Colorado Technical University deceived the student in some way. As a result, now the student confronted with a huge student loan. Taking into account that about 15 000 students have already obtained student loan debt according to lawsuits filed against universities.


Injury or physical wounds are not grounds for paying off your federal student loans. Because The Colorado Technical Institute lawsuit was filed against this educational establishment, mean anything to be related to issues of the university, not your private life. Take a look at your situation carefully and identify what you are going through. Don’t ignore the requirements. Successful BDAR application will lead you student loan cancellation.