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Court Eliminates Debt of Former ITT Tech Students – ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness

itt tech loan forgiveness

In December 2018 the Department of Education declared that they are ready to forgive $150,000,000 towards student loans within the Borrower’s Defense against Repayment Discharge. One of the universities to which the forgiveness issued is ITT Tech. Students who were attending the ITT Tech can now take advantage of the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness program. If you have already applied for the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness program, you should check your email quite often.

If you are an eligible applicant, there is more chance that you will be awarded forgiveness during this wave of confirmations. The average duration for the approval is between 30-90 days. However, if you are not one of the students who has already filed their claims, you need to rush. It is a great chance to get rid of your debt for good.

Moreover, the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness program is not the only option since the Closed School Discharge program also helps the students to go completely debt-free. However, you cannot apply to both of them simultaneously. Before filing your application you need to scrutinize both of the options as well as their eligibility requirements, then identify which program fits you best.

Borrower’s Defense To Repayment

itt tech loan forgiveness

The Federal Government created the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment program to financially help students who were deceived by the colleges to take out a student loan to pursue their higher education. One of those colleges which committed illegal activity is ITT Tech. After the investigation, they became obliged to pay $560,000,000 as a punishment for their fraudulent behavior to their students. If you have been one of those victims, you can surely apply for the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness. The most positive feature of this program is that if they approve your claim, they will forgive your entire loan. You will also get a refund for the money that you have already paid towards your student loan. Just be aware that there are thousands of people who were tricked by the for-profit colleges and many of them have already got forgiven for their debt.  If you follow the official guidelines, you can achieve the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness easily.

How to Write Your Borrower’s Defense Claim

When you decide that you can prove the fraud against you, you need to file your claim neatly. While filling in your application, make sure that you are stating all of your arguments leaving no room for any ambiguity. Since the ITT Technical Institute has occupied the country’s agenda for its misbehavior, it will not be that hard to convince the court that you have been a victim. However, you must be able to link your case with the massive lawsuits against ITT Tech. If you connect it professionally, you will for sure get the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness.  

For gaining the forgiveness, the critical point is emphasizing your case, rather than stating the college’s illegal actions to all the students in general. You need to gather all the facts and figures which can help you to prove their crime. You need to present clear, precise and exact proofs to make the court believe you. You should explicitly say that the college has convinced you to get out a loan by promising you a bright future upon graduation, and without this, you would never go under such serious debt. You must also mention that you got the loan only for attending the ITT, not any other school because at that time they hypnotized you by making an impression that as if the programs offered by them were the best ones for you.   

Where to file the Borrower’s Defense Claim?

itt tech loan forgiveness

Once you decide that your case matches with the requirements and you are motivated to apply for the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness, you need to visit directly the official website designed explicitly for this purpose. Except for the official website, do not trust any other source since there are a lot of scammers around. This kind of illegal sources can put you in a difficult situation such as stealing your identity information.


Before filing your claim, be informed that the processing period can averagely take a year or so. However, do not let this factor to hinder your way. Although there are some offers against this program, if you have already submitted your application or even you do these days, they will be obliged to consider your claim and grant you the forgiveness if you are eligible.

The Closed School Loan Discharge Program

If you think that  ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness program does not suit your situation, then you should consider the Closed School Loan Discharge Program. The students who were studying at the time when the college announced its bankruptcy could apply for this discharge program. The excellent point about this program is that you can get your entire loan discharged and even get reimbursement on your previous payments towards your student loan.

ITT Tech Closed School Loan Discharge Program Eligibility Requirements

itt tech loan forgiveness

Fortunately, the eligibility requirements are quite simple to check if you are eligible or not. There are three factors to review. Your loan must belong to one of those mentioned below:

    1. Direct Loans
    2. FEEL Loans
    3. Federal Perkins Loans
  • The school which you have attended must have been closed while you were still studying.
  • If you had withdrawn from the school before it closed, it should not be earlier than 120 days.

ITT Tech Closed School Discharge Application

In case you decide to go for the ITT Tech Closed School Discharge program, you need to download the application form, fill it in and send it to your loan servicer. After that, your loan servicer will inform you on the following steps to be taken.

Taxation After the Forgiveness

The most unpleasant part of forgiveness programs is being obliged to pay the tax on the forgiven amount of money to your student loan. Once you get forgiveness on your loan, the government considers this amount as an income, so makes you pay tax on it. However, the amount is less than the one which you are expected to pay for your student loan without any forgiveness.

Fraudulent Activity by the ITT Tech

itt tech loan forgiveness

The main illegal activity which ITT Tech has been accused of is convincing students to take on massive loans for their higher education. The school told various lies to its prospective students by misinforming them about the programs offered by the ITT Tech and misrepresenting the number of students who acquired a satisfying job after graduating from this university. The school enticed its students for many years by fraud and falsifying the figures about the job replacement rates. The reason was the same for the closure of 140 campuses in 2014 after the  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found out what was going on at these institutions.

ITT Tech also found guilty for purposefully misinforming the students as if the college was internationally accredited for the credit transferability. If you have come across with any of these lies and if any of them has been the reason for your loan, you must apply for the ITT Tech Loan Forgiveness Program.