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Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

Recently, several states and also The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced great information for Corinthian Colleges. As over 40,000 Americans are the victims of the Corinthian Colleges. Now the former students of the Corinthian are eligible for Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness. Aequitas Capital Management is a private equity firm which invests various fields like education, health, manufacturing services, financing services and so on. So it means that the company got a huge profit from these sectors. Now the firm has been found guilty to scam people and even government. So, Aequitas Capital Management was illegally colluding with the college and deceive lots of students and made them get into high-default loans. By this way, the college and firm get considerable money which creates a huge issue for students. If you one of the former students who experience this problem go for Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness program.

What is Aequitas Capital Management accused of?

Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

So there are lots of accusations against the Corinthian Colleges. First of all, Aequitas Capital Management conspired with Corinthian College and deceived students, taxpayers, and even government. So the company got profit with the help of high-default loans of the students. Of course, most of the students struggle with massive student loan debts and could not pay back loans. Besides, Illinois Attorney said that there were false loans used by lenders and for-profit schools to access federal taxpayer money to fund programs.

On the contrary, these loans did not help students, and as a result, they get into default. So it was a considerable hindrance to complete a degree program and find a proper job. Also, students had to pay for the school which has not cost it. But do not worry, the illicit activity of the Aequitas Capital Management could be beneficial for you, and you can get advantage from Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness.

What are the advantages of the program?

As we mentioned above, Aequitas Capital is a massive Hedge Fund and do different investment fields. Education, financial, health are some of them. But unfortunately, the company cause lots of problems related to student loan debts which open doors for perspective Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness program. This Hedge Fund was colluding with the Corinthian Colleges to scam thousands of American students. But in the end they the fund got what it deserves. Now about 40.000 former students are waiting for taking advantage of this program.

So what does the program promise?

Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

The company got about 200 million dollars in student loans by scamming students, taxpayers, and government. As you expect, it sounds a quite sensible amount, but it is not the first issue which Hedge Fund took part. So all of these facts increase the chance to get profit from Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness program. The best side of the Loan Forgiveness program is that the program not only forgive all dreadful student loan debts, but also the company has to pay back all payments of the student which is previously received by them. As a consequence, of the fraud, $183.3 million worth of student debt predict to be canceled by Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness program.

There is another forgiveness option to avoid a considerable amount of student loan debts Corinthian Colleges shut its door about four years ago, in 2015 which make the students of the college eligible for the Corinthian Colleges Closed school forgiveness program.

Students are able for Corinthian Colleges Closed school forgiveness option when they answer the qualification of this program.

So what is the requirement of the closed school forgiveness program?

Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness

  • Program eligible for those who have already completed their study at any colleges of the Corinthian;
  • Students who have attended another school and transfer credits which have earned at previous College of Corinthian;
  • Also, a student could not attend College until it was closed;
  • Besides, withdrew before on 20 June 2014 from Corinthian Colleges make students eligible for the program;

This option is an excellent opportunity to get rid of student debts, and another good side of the Closed school forgiveness program is to get a quick response from the Federal Government.

Get proper information and take advantage of the forgiveness and discharge options

Some people do not know how to apply or where to begin. It is normal as the forgiveness process are not so easy to handle. You need comprehensive information and to know details all of the option to apply for a suitable one. Most of the time, its consequences with lots of lost time and money. In addition, there are lots of scammers which wait for unknowledgeable people to benefit from the situation.

To avoid such kind of issues you need expert approach and advice which lead you correctly. Our company, Student Loan Resolves is one of the best in this case. Our experts are professional in this field. They help thousands of people to tackle the problems related to student loan debts and repayment issues. Our experts will assist you from beginning to the end of the process, and they always try to do their best to get excellent results. Do not lose time and contact us. We are always happy to be a solution for you.

You could also be eligible for a student loan discharge forgiveness program

Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness


There are several other student loan forgiveness options except for Student Loan Forgiveness program.

As you know Corinthian Colleges announced its bankruptcy in 2015. Also, the college involved some illicit marketing activities, like misstate graduation rates to lure students and inflated job placement. These statements give the former students of the college to take advantage of the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge. If you faced the same problems, defrauded activity or misleading actions by the school, then this kind of discharge program is an excellent option for you to get rid of student loan debts. But as a Student Loan Resolved company we recommend professional assistance to handle this annoying situation. Some student does not understand the importance the Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness or the other discharge options which as a result, cause an additional problem.

If you former student of the Corinthian Colleges and also a victim of the school then do not miss your chance and get profit from this opportunity. The Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge is a strictly legal procedure which you have to be clear about your claims. Otherwise, you could face detrimental repercussions. That’s why we offer professional help to the students with such kind of issues. The Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge has two advantage. First of all, this program helps the student to avoid loans, and secondly, the plan pays all expenditure the student did during his or her study. But unfortunately, it takes some period to get positive or negative information from the Federal Government as most of the students apply for this program.

So if you want to apply for Aequitas Capital Student Loan Forgiveness program or another type of forgiveness option, you need to do proper research and then fill application for student loan discharge. These programs give a great chance to eliminate outstanding student loans.